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"100% Designed for Small Business Owners - by Successful Small Business Owners"

15+ years ago we started Reed Security with a lot of ambition, but little experience running a security business. Wow - there were a lot of ups and downs over the years before we learned how to become successful entrepreneurs.

We've received 20+ Award Recognitions over the years for our great deals, entrepreneurial spirit, excellence in management quality, awesome customer service, spectacular guerrilla marketing tactics, and overall excellence in running a business.

We know how to get noticed and generate a lot of business. We recently won the 2016 SABEX Marketing Award - Voted Saskatoon's Best Marketing by the Chamber of Commerce.

This type of recognition has resulted in numerous inquiries about "buying" Reed Security, asking to buy a Reed Security Franchise, and partnering with Reed Security to open more locations. It's all pretty flattering actually.

We've worked out all the bugs so that you too can now enjoy the success we have.

Quick Fact: No matter what a dealer program advertises as large commissions - there are NO PAYOUTS WITHOUT LEADS AND SALES.

As a Reed Security Authorized Dealer you get:

  • Weekly one-on-one Business Coaching to guide you through all aspects of running a successful security business.
  • To learn how we've generated thousands of qualified warm leads for home and business security solutions.
  • To learn how we've sold thousands of alarm systems and generated millions of 24/7 Monitoring and ALARM.COM interactive services revenue.
  • To learn how we've sold thousands of cameras and generated millions in revenue from video surveillance installations.
  • To learn how we've sold thousands of doors of access control and generated millions in revenue from access control installations.
  • To learn how we've sold $100,000 of concierge services and video monitoring solutions.
  • To capitalize on the Reed Security brand and access our wealth of expertise. We think like small business owners, not like big corporations and can outsmart the big guys to get more deals.
  • One week comprehensive training and shadowing at our Saskatoon head office. Sorry, you can't stay at our house. We're full. But, we can sure recommend a nice hotel.
  • 5 ULC Listed 24/7 Rapid Response Monitoring Stations - Burnaby, Calgary, Winnipeg, Concord, Montreal
  • No Quotas!
  • 100% Commission option with multiples up to 36x - Now that's hot too!
  • 50/50 Split option and share revenues with us. We take care of all the hassles of monthly billing.
  • To Keep All Installation Fees, All Upgrades, and All Service revenue.
  • Central purchasing right from Reed Security. You can use your commissions to help cover equipment costs. You are welcome to purchase directly from preferred distributors.
  • Access to premium pricing for ReedHD Hi-Def Cameras and Access Control products.
  • Contracts, Warning Signs, Warning Decals, estimating and scheduling software, etc.
  • Weekly mentoring and coaching (comes with a free kick to the *ss when you need it most).
  • Bulk account purchase options - great if you are looking to slow down or retire.
  • What are you waiting for? It's really is a great choice.

We would love to chat with you if:

  • You currently work for another security company and are looking to be the captain of your own ship. This includes Managers, Service Technicians, Administration Staff, and Sales Staff.
  • You have an existing security company and would like to kick sales up a few notches.
  • You have an existing security company and you need help with marketing, administration, booking, operations, installations, service, I.T., and customer service.
  • You have an existing security company and are frustrated with your your current dealer program.
  • You have an existing security company and you would like to transition to retirement. Please talk to us before you settle on the big guys. We're pretty flexible.
  • You have an existing company and would like to expand into the security business. Ideal candidates would be Locksmiths, Electricians, Home Automation/SmartHome Companies, Satellite Dish or Cable TV Dealers with installation services, Internet Dealers with installation services, I.T. Companies with support and installation services, Audio/Video Dealers with installation services, Cellular/Electronics Dealers with installation services, Building Control Companies and more...
  • You have no experience in the security industry, but would like to invest and receive a premium return

We are looking for Reed Security Authorized Dealers throughout Canada.

For more information please contact Virgil Reed, for more details today!


"Our office has dealt with Virgil Reed both personally and professionally over the last five years. Virgil's company is very trustworthy, accountable, and reliable. I have no hesitation referring anyone to Virgil for the integrity that their company demonstrates."

- Cliff Wiegers, Wiegers Financial & Benefits

I trust Reed Security to look after Ehrenburg and our clients. You will be satisfied with Reed's value and excellent service.

- Joe Ehr, Ehrenburg Homes Ltd.

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