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ReedHD™ Hi-Def Security Camera systems have become an important tool for businesses and families. CCTV systems of the past were bulky and expensive and only banks, airports, large retailers, grocery stores and big businesses could afford them. Not anymore! Thanks to early adoption, mass production and payment plans ReedHD™ Hi-Def Security Camera packages are very affordable. We still install video surveillance systems at traditional businesses, but they can now be found just about everywhere – small businesses, gas stations, local restaurants, boutique stores, farms, grain processing facilities, mines, construction sites, schools and at homes.

So, what should you look for when shopping for a modern HD video surveillance system?

1) Ease of Use

We recommend the “try before you buy” method and demo the system you are considering investing in. We have a variety of systems to fit every budget, but the general rule is you get what you pay for. A user managing 4 cameras at a single site has different requirements than a Security Manager that manages 200+ cameras in multiple cities. Our certified technicians will professionally install your ReedHD™ Hi-Def Security Camera system and ensure you understand how to view cameras on your smartphone, search for evidence and make a back-up for the Police.

2) Performance

The image quality of security cameras and recording lengths are performance indicators. Security cameras have resolutions ranging from VGA (640x480) to 7K (7360x4128). Some companies advertise “HD quality”, but the cameras may only be 720p (1280x720) HD. You will find a lot of these cameras at Costco and on-line stores. 720p HD is great for a homeowner or small business wanting the basics, but 1080p (1920x1080) should be the starting point for high definition security cameras. We go above and beyond with ReedHD™ Hi-Def Security Camera packages and often use 4MP (2560 x1440) which is 30% greater than 1080p. Ultra HD 4K (3840x2160) will soon be our new standard. The higher the security camera resolution, the more details you will get on playback. This is extremely important when using our digital zoom tool when looking for evidence. We have samples of HD video surveillance on our YouTube channel.

If you have a compound or construction site you should consider ReedHD™ Smart Cameras. They have built in video analytics and that can detect People and Vehicles or when an object is removed from the security camera view. Next they alert you via smartphone or our UCIT Video Monitoring Stations (who will dispatch the Police). This is an effective way to intervene while a crime is in progress and reduce losses.

You should also pay attention to the NVR (network video recorder) and storage requirements. HD Security Cameras use a lot of storage so the first question should be “how many days would you like to record for”? At Reed Security we use a camera calculator tool that factors in the amount of movement, the scene, the frames per second and the resolution of each HD security camera. Most people need 14 days to 30 days of recording before recycling the data. An NVR with 4 cameras should have 2TB of storage, 8 cameras should have 4TB of storage, and 16 cameras should have 8TB of storage as minimums.

Most people forget that you also need a fast high speed internet connection to view the HD security cameras remotely on your smartphone app. At Reed Security we work with you and your internet provider to make sure you are on the right package for downloading and more importantly uploading video. We recommend a package with 1 MBPS upload for a quality remote viewing experience.

3) Effectiveness

Having an expensive 7K (29MP) HD security camera that can record license plates from 2000 feet away won’t do you any good in poor lighting conditions or if there is an obstructed view. We have installed nearly 20,000 security cameras and have consulted local Police services on optimal placements to help solve crimes. An experienced Reed Security Specialist knows which cameras to install where to ensure your video surveillance solution is effective when you need it most. We also recommend placing several Protected by ReedHD™ warning signs and decals at a site to make potential criminals think twice before committing a crime. Internal theft (employees, shoplifting) is far more common than external theft by an 8:1 ratio. We install warning signage on the inside of the building too - in particular high risk areas such as cash registers and exits.

4) Affordability

What should a HD security camera package cost? If you want an inexpensive system and you are prepared to install it yourself then consider Costco. A very basic system is $500 to $2000 (no labour) and the quality is OK for a basic home or small business. Disadvantages are: poor storage capacity, poor HD quality, poor reliability, poor warranty, no customization of views, pre-made (maximum 25 feet) cables that limit installation locations and if you are not tech savvy a pain to setup for remote viewing on your smartphone or desktop PC.

ReedHD™ Hi-Def Security Camera systems are professionally designed and installed. Our solutions are customized to your needs and budget so the pricing varies. The price ranges from $2500 for a 4 camera 4MP HD security camera package to $100,000+ for a 60 HD security camera solution. The most popular option is our Business Bundles. One low monthly fee covers it all - equipment, parts and labour warranty, helpdesk tech support, on-site service and *free upgrades. It's also a great way to preserve your capital, deduct the payments on your corporate tax return and grow your business.

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Gone are the days of grainy black-and-white images on a 15” monitor!  Today’s surveillance cameras give you high-definition images in day, low-light and even night-time conditions.  They are vandal proof and can work in -50o C temperatures.  With the right security camera, installed the right way, you can catch a licence plate number from 75 feet away in a blizzard, follow an intruder across your yard, count how many people enter your store in a given period, even be alerted when unattended baggage appears in a pre-defined space.

However, many business owners are on the fence about whether to add a security camera system, or to upgrade a 15-year-old analog system.  Cost can seem prohibitive, and while they sure are nice toys to play with, are they really adding any value to your security system?  Most businesses already pay for a monitored alarm system; what will a security camera system do that’s worth the extra cost?

First off, I should point out that security cameras are not as expensive as they used to be.  In fact, a beautiful 1080P security camera with infra-red LEDs costs less now than an analog security camera did 5 years ago.  But it is still an investment, and you need to know that your investment is going to pay off. 

Here are some great points to consider, regarding adding video to your building’s security:

1. Internal Theft

A 2015 study showed that 75% of employees have stolen at least once from their employer.  A staggering 43% of shrinkage reported by retail outlets was due to internal theft, which is a higher figure than shoplifting (36%).  Not only that, but many people are installing cameras to catch their employees stealing time from them – showing up late and leaving early for shifts.  Putting security cameras in key areas, and letting your staff know they are there, can go a long way to eliminating this.

2. Safety

Incidents happen in the workplace every day, causing bodily injury, among other things.  Some incidents occur without any witnesses.  Having high-definition footage of an incident can help yourself and the Workers Compensation Board separate a fraudulent claim from a legitimate claim, offering safety for both you and your employees.  It can also answer the age-old question of who backed the truck into the loading dock.

3. Catching Criminals

In 2015, Saskatchewan had over 9,400 break-ins and Alberta had over 27,000 break-ins. In many, many cases it is impossible to determine who the perpetrator was; even if there is a suspicion, the courts need hard evidence in order for you to press charges.  While it is still possible for someone to avoid cameras or to disguise oneself during a break-in, HD video surveillance can provide that hard evidence in a high proportion of cases.  Even if your footage can’t solve your case now, the Police will keep it on file and it may help solve other cases in the future.

4. Deterrent

If your building has security cameras, and the one next door doesn’t, it’s a no-brainer for a criminal.  Most intruders are looking for a crime of opportunity, not a well-planned heist.  More often than not, just the presence of the security cameras themselves will reduce the amount of crime your business has to suffer through.

5. Save Money

Ultimately, the amount of money you can prevent from leaving your bank account due to internal theft, break-ins, and fraudulent claims can be enough to pay for a high-definition security camera system multiple times over.  Many businesses even notice an upsurge in employee productivity as a result of the added video surveillance.

So there are just a few reasons why video surveillance may be the right choice for your business.  I have seen clients save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars because they had the right equipment in the right place.  In most cases, the benefits are measurable almost instantly.  So be sure to take all this into consideration when making plans to increase your business’ security.

MONEY SAVER: Instead of purchasing a camera system or upgrades and tying up your capital, you should consider our new Business Bundles program. One low monthly fee covers it all.

Dave Schlegel
Owner, Calgary Security Expert
Oxford Security Systems
Reed Security Authorized Dealer


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The laws about Audio and Video recording of People and Property vary by location. In Saskatchewan audio recording at a business is legal and has even helped convict criminals where video alone was inconclusive.  Audio tells the full storyThink about you watch TV in silence?

Many businesses use microphones to:

  • Protect against armed robberies
  • Protect against employee and external theft
  • Protect against liability or disputes with customers
  • Quality Control - ensure procedures are being followed
  • Listen in from off site and intervene

Microphones are often installed:

  • On ceilings or walls (within 15 feet of the target)
  • At Cash/Point of Sale areas
  • Near telephones
  • In Meeting Rooms
  • In Reception/Lobby Areas
  • In Kitchen Food/Prep Areas
  • Outdoors
  • Just about anywhere... 

Reed Security High Sensitivity Microphones can be added to many new and existing video surveillance systems. We also post visible warning decals to advise all employees and visitors that recording is in progress.

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Frontline and Strata Development recently partnered with Reed Security to protect their new digs located at 1729 Ontario Ave., Saskatoon. She's a modern beauty!

Frontline is a professional project and construction management firm executing projects in the agribusiness, industrial and heavy industrial sectors. We take pride in helping our clients grow the Saskatchewan economy, one project at a time.

Strata Development 
is a commercial construction project management firm based in Saskatoon. Committed to honesty and integrity, they bring their policy of real-time feedback and communication to every project they deliver.

"We have worked with Reed Security on a number of commercial office projects over the past couple of years and we have enjoyed working with them every time. The entire team at Reed Security has been excellent to work with through all stages of the project – design, sales, installation, training, and customer service. We have found their team to be very knowledgeable and they do an excellent job of listening to the client and providing them with what they want. They are also great at introducing options that are currently available with the ever-changing world of security systems. The installation crew has always been on-time and very clean with their installation work. At Strata we would highly recommend meeting with Reed Security to discuss your security system requirements."
Chris Popplewell, P.Eng., President - Strata Development Corporation

We designed a layered security solution consisting of:

  • ReedHD Hi-Def Cameras that capture Faces and License Plates
  • ReedHD Hi-Def Cameras that protect the Office, Warehouse, and Compound
  • Exterior ReedHD Hi-Def Cameras with 100 feet of Nightvision (can see in complete darkness)
  • Easy-to-Use Video Management Software allows the client to quickly review HD video using a SEARCH BAR. "Review Hours in Minutes"
  • Display Adjustment allows you to manipulate recorded HD video. "Change the brightness and contrast of recorded video to get the quality the Police can use."
  • All events are recorded in HD for at least 30 days.
  • All HD video can be accessed within the building or remotely via high speed internet
  • Alarm System with 24/7 Monitoring of Burglar, Fire, and Temperature - We notify You, the Police and Fire Department
  • Access Control Swipe Card System - Control WHO Goes WHERE and WHEN.
  • All systems can be controlled by PC and iPhone, iPad, Android apps.

Our layered security solutions:
Decreases Theft, Liability, False Claims, and Losses.
Increases Productivity, Accountability, and Profits. 

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ReedHD Channel

We recently created a YouTube channel to showcase how ReedHD Hi-Def Cameras can help you Decrease Theft and Increase Profits and Productivity.

Click the links below to see:
A Punk breaking into our company van 

An Epic Door Fail: See What Happens When There's a 100 km/hr Wind Gust

How To Capture License Plates - Even In Changing Light Conditions

How to Capture People's Faces - Even When They Are Moving

....and much, much more

"For awesome results make sure you change to 1080P and Full Screen"

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