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Dennis Wieffering has been in the grocery business for 30 years.  Two years ago he became the Store Owner/Operator of Dennis' Your Independent Grocer - a full service local supermarket located at 315 Herold Road, Saskatoon, SK.   "When your name is on the front of the store there's a lot of pride and responsibility. I enjoy the personal feel with the customers and the creative freedom" says Dennis.

When Dennis took over the store he inherited an existing security camera system that was in need of an upgrade and some additions. "We take shoplifting seriously and we share security camera footage with managers, other stores and the Police. Upgrading was a precaution to reduce losses".

"I called another Your Independent Grocer store that recently installed video surveillance with Reed Security. Andrey was happy with the pricing, quality, and service and recommended me to Reed."

 "I like that Reed Security is right in Saskatoon and have a local office. I can pick up the phone or send a quick email when I need help. The installation technician, Cody, was spectacular!"

Our solution consisted of a REEDHD™ BUSINESS BUNDLE:

  • ReedHD™ Hi-Def Cameras (twice the quality of 1080p)
  • Pole mounted, indoor and outdoor cameras
  • 10 to 30 Days Recording of all events
  • Video Management Software - quickly find the footage you need and export it
  • SmartPhone and PC apps for local and remote administration
  • 100% Parts and Labour warranty
  • 100% Onsite Service warranty
  • 100% Remote Tech Support with login service
  • Archiving of incidents for the POLICE
  • Preventative Maintenance with regular visits to your site
  • One low monthly fee that covers it all

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All About Theft

  • 66% of break-in's are forced entry and forced entry attempts
  • 34% of break-in's are unlawful entry (without force)
  • In 2014, Saskatchewan had 8506 break-in's (164/week)
  • Break-in's occur in all areas of the City - not just the "bad areas"
  • Most Home break-in's occur when you are at work or travelling (daytime)
  • Most Business break-in's occur when you are at home (evening and weekends)
  • Cabin's and Lake properties are especially attractive
  • 98% of break-in's occur though main floor doors and windows (often unlocked)
  • Thieves target the Master Bedroom
  • Thieves steal:
    • Cash and Credit Cards
    • Jewelry
    • Designer clothes and sunglasses
    • Electronics such as TV's, Stereos, Computers, Video Game systems, Smartphones and Tablets
    • Tools
    • Sporting Goods
    • Cars and Trucks or the contents in them
    • Building Materials
    • Alcohol and Prescription drugs
    • Your Identity

How to Prevent Theft

  • Use Common Sense
    • If you lose a key, get the locks changed.
    • Ask all strangers for identification.
    • Never hide an extra key outdoor - especially underneath a mat or on top of a light fixture. This is the first place the bad guys look. Leave an extra house key with a friend or a neighbor.
    • DO NOT advertise on Facebook or other social media that you are on vacation. If you want to post photos, then do it when you get home.
    • For insurance purposes take photos of the contents of your home.
    • Keep all receipts in a safe and easy to find location.
    • Write down the model and serial number of all electronics.
  • Make it Difficult
    • Door chains are easy to bypass. Install deadbolts.
    • Install a stopper or stick on all sliding doors and windows.
    • Install window bars on all basement windows.
    • Make sure all doors and windows are properly locked.
    • Keep your premises well lit at night.
    • Install timers that turn lights on at different times. This gives the appearance that someone is home.
  • Install a monitored Home Security system
    • 400% less likely to have a break-in.
    • up to 25% insurance discount.
    • optional ALARM.COM with automatic lights.
  • In case you do have a break-in:
    • If it looks like a door or window was forced open, DO NOT go inside. The Burglar may still be on site.
    • Call the Police from your cellular phone or from a neighbor's house and wait.

Source: Department of Justice, Statistics Canada, Saskatoon Police Service, FBI, Insurance Institute of Canada, 18 Years Experience

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