Compound and Fence Security

After hours theft from fenced compounds is a huge problem and hard to stop. Intruders cut, climb, and lift fences to break into or steal:

  • cars, trucks
  • trailers
  • tires
  • boats, personal watercrafts
  • machinery, equipment
  • parts
  • tools
  • building materials, supplies
  • copper, aluminium
  • contents from sea can shipping containers
Aggressive dogs can easily be defeated and are high maintenance. Private Security Guards are too expensive to stay on site overnight and nightly spot checks are ineffective. Security cameras perform poorly in low light conditions and thieves often cover their faces or use stolen vehicles.

So...what actually works?

Combining ReedHD™ hi-definition cameras with Stealth Monitoring is a proven solution to Decrease Losses and catch intruders red-handed.


  • Typically 25-60% less than security guards
  • Active Intervention while the crime is in progress
  • 10 times more detail than standard definition cameras
  • Records activities 24/7 including Faces and License Plates at choke points
  • PC, iPhone, iPad, Android apps for remote viewing cameras
  • Never falls asleep
  • You choose which cameras will be monitored remotely
  • You choose the days and hours to be monitored remotely
  • We notify you and dispatch the POLICE
  • Optional siren and strobe deterrent - triggered by you
  • Optional voice down - by our emergency operators
See How It Works: POLICE Incident 69656


"Our office has dealt with Virgil Reed both personally and professionally over the last five years. Virgil's company is very trustworthy, accountable, and reliable. I have no hesitation referring anyone to Virgil for the integrity that their company demonstrates."

- Cliff Wiegers, Wiegers Financial & Benefits

I trust Reed Security to look after Ehrenburg and our clients. You will be satisfied with Reed's value and excellent service.

- Joe Ehr, Ehrenburg Homes Ltd.


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