Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Reed Security been in business?

Reed Security was established in March of 2000 by Virgil Reed. Since that time we've grown into one of the largest independent security providers in Canada and protect 4000+ clients. In 2013 we established the Reed Security Authorized Dealer Program to expand across Canada.

What will your service be like if the rate is so low?

Reed Security has received 20+ award recognitions for the way we pay attention to our People and our Clients. Categories include SABEX Best Customer Service (2), SABEX Small Business of the Year, ABEX Young Entrepreneur, NSBA Management Quality (2) and NSBA New Direction.

Visit our Testimonials page to see what our clients think.

Does my alarm system require a phone line?

If you have the answer is No. Due to the popularity of smartphones and affordability of high speed internet, Home Owners are choosing to drop their home phone lines. In fact, 1 in 4 homes no longer have a phone line and nearly half of Reed Security's new subscribers use 3G/4G cellular and I.P. signalling instead.

Most traditional alarm systems require an active landline to transmit signals off-site.

Can I control my alarm system with my iPhone or Android?

If you have the answer is Yes. Depending on your package you can control your alarm, lights, locks, thermostat and receive notifications.

Will my alarm system still work if I have (or get) a pet?

Most alarm systems we install have pet-friendly sensors up to 60 pounds. A Reed Security Specialist can advise you on the best options if you have a large pet.

If your not sure if you have "pet-friendly" motion detectors please contact our office.

How do I test my alarm system?

Please visit our Self Care section for testing instructions.

What happens if I set off my alarm?

If you set off your alarm by mistake and enter the correct user code within two minutes, our Rapid Response Monitoring Station will automatically cancel your alarm signal. No phone call is made to the premises.

What are typical response times for the Police?

The dispatch time is how long it takes our Rapid Response Monitoring Station to notify a contact after an alarm signal is received. The industry average is 200 seconds and we routinely beat the average. The response time refers to how long it takes for the proper authorities to arrive at your premises. This will vary depending on who is doing the responding - police versus private guard response, the number of available responders, traffic and weather conditions, the signal type, and the total amount of overall alarm activity within the city. Typical response times range between five and 30 minutes.

What causes false alarms?

Most false alarms are caused by user error. False alarms can also be caused by improperly installed or malfunctioning equipment, insects, pets, and moving curtains or debris (caused by heating or air conditioning ducts and open windows).

  • Make sure everyone with access to your home/business knows how to use your security system. This includes children, neighbors, friends, relatives, employees, cleaners, and guests.
  • Let all users of your security system practice shutting off the system. Please call the Monitoring Station 1.800.268.6870 to inform us you are teaching someone how to use your system.
  • If you accidentally set off your alarm…don't panic! Simply call and let us know it's a false alarm. Also, make sure everyone knows their current password.
  • Check for drafts that may cause curtains, plants or decorations to set off motion detectors. Drafts may be caused by open windows, fans or air conditioning.
  • Areas around sensor should be checked for dust, cobwebs, and insects.
  • When you leave ensure all doors and windows are closed tightly and securely. Loose fitting doors or windows may set off contacts.
  • Let us know if you are getting a pet, or renovating your home.
  • Keep your key-holder list up to date.
  • Test your system regularly.

If the power goes out will my alarm system still work?

Yes. Your system has a rechargeable back-up battery. When the power goes out the "trouble light" will appear and the alarm panel automatically switches to the back-up battery. When the power turns back on the battery recharges itself.

Note: All batteries must be changed every 3 to 5 years depending on your system.

If I'm going on holidays, should I update my contact information?

Yes. Please contact our office and let us know you will be away so we can update your key-holder information. Make sure all key-holders have received proper instruction on the alarm system, have a valid user code, and have a valid password.


"Our office has dealt with Virgil Reed both personally and professionally over the last five years. Virgil's company is very trustworthy, accountable, and reliable. I have no hesitation referring anyone to Virgil for the integrity that their company demonstrates."

- Cliff Wiegers, Wiegers Financial & Benefits

I trust Reed Security to look after Ehrenburg and our clients. You will be satisfied with Reed's value and excellent service.

- Joe Ehr, Ehrenburg Homes Ltd.

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