Frequently Asked Questions

These are common questions prospective clients ask. Please visit our Self-Care section for technical FAQ's about systems and testing procedures.

How long has Reed Security been in business?

Reed Security was founded two decades ago (in 2000) by Virgil Reed. We serve 5000+ clients across Saskatchewan and Alberta and are expanding throughout Canada via our Reed Security Authorized Dealer Program.

We have locations in Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Regina, Edmonton and Calgary.

Why should I go with Reed Security vs. your competitors?

Reed Security is a great local brand you can trust. We have 20+ local employees and dealers that actually care about keeping our Clients happy!

You can stop by and demo a security solution, meet with one of our account executives or get help from our Support Team.

We focus on solutions rather than selling pre-designed packages that may not meet your needs. We want to get things right and for you to be a Super Fan.

We REALLY pay attention to Customer Experience and Quality Service. Check out Testimonials from clients and Google Reviews.

We've earned 20+ award recognitions for the way we pay attention to our People, Clients, Dealers and Communities.

Award Recognitions include:

  • SABEX Best Customer Service Award (twice)
  • SABEX Best Marketing Award
  • SABEX Small Business of the Year Award
  • ABEX Young Entrepreneur of Saskatchewan Award
  • NSBA Quality Management Award
  • NSBA New Direction Award

We sponsor your kids sports teams and donate to local charities.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, on approved credit. A Reed Security Smart Consultant can review options with you.

Does my alarm system require a phone line?

No, if you have an plan subscription.

Due to the popularity of smartphones and affordability of high speed internet, Home Owners are choosing to drop their home phone lines. In fact, 50 percent of homes no longer have a phone line and 95 percent of Reed Security's new subscribers use 4G LTE cellular and I.P. signalling instead.

Older alarm systems require an active phone line to transmit signals to our 24/7 Monitoring Stations.

Do I need high speed internet at my home or business for your system to work?

No, if you install one of our Smart Security packages.

Yes, if you add ReedHD™ security cameras. We also recommend you have an internet package with the fastest available Upload speed. We recommend an Upload speed of 2.5 Mbps or faster. A STATIC IP address may be required.

Can I control my alarm system with my Smart Phone?

Yes, if you have an Interactive Plan subscription.

Depending on your package you can control your alarm, smart locks, smart lights, smart thermostat, receive instant alerts and more. also works with tablets and desktops.

Will my alarm system still work if I have a dog or cat?

Yes, if we install a pet-friendly motion sensors (60 to 85 pounds). A Reed Security Smart Consultant can advise you on the best options if you have larger pets.

If your not sure if you have "pet-friendly" motion detectors please contact our office.

Where is your Monitoring Station located?

We have 6 interconnected 5 Diamond Certified 24/7 Monitoring Stations located in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Peterborough, Toronto and Montreal.

What happens if I set off my alarm?

Alarm signals are sent to our 24/7 Monitoring Stations. An Emergency Operator dispatches the POLICE or FIRE Department and notifies your call list to meet them at your home or business.

If you accidentally set off your alarm, then enter your user code into the keypad/touchscreen. This is called a “Cancelled by Code” and the Emergency Operator will be notified. The Emergency Operator will not dispatch anybody if your code is entered within two minutes of setting off your alarm.

What are typical response times for the Police?

The dispatch time is how long it takes our 24/7 Monitoring Stations to notify the proper authorities an alarm signal is received. Our targets are within 60 seconds for FIRE and within 120 seconds for POLICE.

The response time refers to how long it takes for the proper authorities to arrive at your premises. This will vary depending on who is doing the responding - POLICE vs. private guard response, FIRE Department, the number of available responders, traffic and weather conditions, the signal type, and the total amount of overall alarm activity within the city. Response times range between 5 and 30 minutes.

If the power goes out will my alarm system still work?

Yes. Our alarm systems have rechargeable back-up batteries. When the power turns back on the battery recharges itself.


"Our office has dealt with Virgil Reed both personally and professionally over the last five years. Virgil's company is very trustworthy, accountable, and reliable. I have no hesitation referring anyone to Virgil for the integrity that their company demonstrates."

- Cliff Wiegers, Wiegers Financial & Benefits

I trust Reed Security to look after Ehrenburg and our clients. You will be satisfied with Reed's value and excellent service.

- Joe Ehr, Ehrenburg Homes Ltd.


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