Reed High Definition Smart Cameras

Video Analytics is a term used to describe computerized processing and analysis of video streams and is used for a variety of tasks. Video Analytics automatically monitors ReedHD™ Smart Cameras and sends you and our emergency operators real time alerts of pre-defined events. Instead of waiting passively, we can now TAKE ACTION and INTERVENE.

ReedHD™ Smart Cameras

ReedHD™ Smart Cameras:

  • Provide advanced detection and real time alerts - Actively fight crime and fire.
  • Provide business intelligence - Customer experience, staffing and traffic counts.
  • Quickly pay for themselves.
  • Are 50% less than private security guards - Do the math. How much do you spend per month for private security guards? Can the costs be reduced by implementing ReedHD Smart Cameras? You may consider using both.
  • Are less costly and lower maintenance than dogs - Dogs are a great deterrent. They're also messy and can be easily overcome with poison.
  • Work with PC, iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

ReedHD™ Smart Cameras Can Identify:

  • Penetration of Unauthorized People / Vehicles into restricted areas.
  • Tailgating of People / Vehicles through secure checkpoints.
  • Traffic Obstacles.
  • Unattended Objects.
  • Vehicles stopped in no-parking zones, highways or roads.
  • Removal of Assets.
  • Crowding or Grouping.
  • Loitering.
  • Smoke and Fire.
ReedHD™ Smart Cameras
ReedHD™ Smart Cameras

Video Management Software and Apps

  • See Live Video Cameras.
  • Immediately review and respond to events detected by ReedHD™ Smart Cameras.
  • Easily manage your cameras and setup rules.
  • Search by time, camera groups, rule violation type, object type, etc.
  • May work with your existing video cameras.
  • Contact our office today for a no obligation demonstration.

Actively Do Something About It

Once an event is detected by ReedHD™ Smart Cameras it's time to take ACTION and INTERVENE by adding the following measures:

Flashing Strobe Lights - Our emergency operators can activate flashing strobe lights to create attention that makes unwanted visitors leave.

*Voice Down - Loudspeakers are installed at the premises. Our emergency operators can talk down to the site and directly confront the intruder "HEY - YOU IN THE BLACK JACKET. YOU HAVE BEEN DETECTED. THE POLICE HAVE BEEN DISPATCHED. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY OR BE ARRESTED" "YOUR FACE IS BEING RECORDED IN HIGH DEFINITION".

*POLICE Dispatch - If the intruder doesn't leave our emergency operators dispatch the POLICE and the intruder can be arrested. See How It Works.

*FIRE Department Dispatch - This applies to ReedHD™ Smart Cameras with Fire and Smoke detection. Our emergency operators can dispatch the Fire Department to limit catastrophic losses. See How It Works.

*A monthly subscription is required for all Voice Down and Operator Intervention packages.


Reed Security provides us with excellent service. I would recommend Virgil and his friendly staff for any project because of their Knowledge, competitive pricing, and customer service.

- Colleen Mah, Northridge Development Corp.

We have had Reed Security at our branches and refer them to our clients.

- Scott Cherry, Cherry Insurance Ltd.

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