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When the bad guys see you have Protected by Reed Security warning decals and a yard sign, they know to stay away. Reed Security's 110 decibel siren serves as an added deterrent and limits potential losses.

After our 24/7 Rapid Response Monitoring Stations receive alarm signals the next step is to dispatch the proper authorities. When we receive Fire, Carbon Monoxide or Medical alarm signals, we contact the nearest Fire Department. When we receive Supervisory signals such as Low Temperature or Flooding, we contact you and your key-holders.

It is very important to Reed Security that our clients receive the best possible combination of 24/7 Alarm Monitoring, Response Time, Price, Quality and Professionalism. Here are your options when we receive Intrusion signals:

1. Police Response

This option is best suited for the majority of our City clients. Most cities have false alarm bylaws and the cost of responding to alarms has been passed along to the users - per location. Fees vary by the city. Here's an example of Saskatoon's fee structure:

Annual Registration $35.00 per location if paid within 10 days
First Two False Dispatches No fine
3rd or More False Dispatches $125.00 each
Estimated Response Time 30 seconds to 30 minutes
How to Register Contact Reed Security

2. RCMP and other Rural Police

This option is for rural clients including lake properties, acreages and farms. There are currently no fines for INTRUSION signal false alarms however there may be fines for FIRE signal false alarms. Dispatching firefighters is costly and any charges are passed directly onto the client. This is the same for all alarm companies.

3. Private Security Guard Response

This option is best suited for clients that have a number of false alarms or would like to arrange special dispatch instructions. Reed Security must receive a Proof of Registration in order to update your dispatch information. If there is an actual break in, the Police are contacted by Private Security Guard (but this is not a response to an alarm system and response times will be the same as if you called the Police yourself). Some cities will not dispatch the Police unless a Private Security Guard responds first to verify there was an actual break in. An alternative to this our Video Verification Service where operators at our 24/7 Rapid Response Monitoring Stations review camera feeds before dispatching the POLICE.

Here's an example of The Commissionaires fee structure:

Annual Registration $27.50 per location + one time $35.00 lockbox rental
Each Dispatch $22.00
Estimated Response Time 30 seconds to 30 minutes
How to Register Call The Commissionaires 306.244.6588
Note Police are dispatched with PANIC/HOLD UP signals. $125.00 fine if false.

4. No Response, Keyholders Only

Reed Security doesn’t endorse this option as we cannot dispatch The Police or Private Security Guards. You will have to call the authorities on your own in case of an emergency and response times will be slower as your alarm will be unregistered.

Estimated Response Time Up to 2 hours wait or longer
Note We will not dispatch. We can only notify your key-holders.

We're flexible. If any of our dispatch options do not meet your needs, we can customize a response and place special dispatch notes on your account.


"Our office has dealt with Virgil Reed both personally and professionally over the last five years. Virgil's company is very trustworthy, accountable, and reliable. I have no hesitation referring anyone to Virgil for the integrity that their company demonstrates."

- Cliff Wiegers, Wiegers Financial & Benefits

I trust Reed Security to look after Ehrenburg and our clients. You will be satisfied with Reed's value and excellent service.

- Joe Ehr, Ehrenburg Homes Ltd.

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