24/7 Monitoring

We're looking out for you Day and Night.

Reed Security offers 24/7 Monitoring service with our home and business security plans. Our monitoring team is always ready to respond to alerts they receive from your security and fire systems. If you can’t be reached, we will dispatch the proper authorities.

Our 24/7 Monitoring Stations are ULC-listed and provide protection against:

  • Intrusion
  • Fire
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Panic
  • Medical / Personal Emergency
  • Flood
  • Temperature
  • Power failure

Our Integrated Mobile Alarm Response provides the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective response to your alarm system.

You receive:

  • *Unlimited Private Security Guard dispatch for Intrusion alarm signals
  • Perimeter check to search for forced entry
  • Police dispatch upon forced entry (break & enter) and for Panic alarm signals
  • Fire Department dispatch for Fire alarm signals
  • Call List notification for all alarm signals

*Annual permit is required. Available in Saskatoon.

Save up to 20% on Insurance Premiums!

You are 400% less likely to experience a break in when you have a monitored home or business security system. Insurance companies agree and often provide discounts on insurance premiums. Consult your insurance broker to find out how much you can save.

Reed Security

CAN/ULC-S561 Fire Alarm System Monitoring

Reed Security is ULC Certified can issue a ULC Certificate.

Fire Departments enforce the CAN/ULC-S561 national standard for fire alarm monitoring. If you have a fire alarm system or fire sprinkler system at your building – you will be impacted.

  • Fire alarm systems are designed to detect a fire in your building and alert the occupants to evacuate.
  • Fire sprinkler systems are similar and have the added ability to suppress a fire.
  • Neither has the ability to alert the Fire Department of a fire at your building - unless you add a fire monitoring system and 24/7 ULC Monitoring plan with Fire Alarm, Fire Trouble and Fire Supervisory detection.
  • Building Inspectors and Fire Inspectors are performing random inspections and will request to see your ULC Certificate.
  • If you cannot produce a ULC Certificate there will be a deficiency placed against your building and you will be provided some time to get obtain one.
  • Failure to produce a ULC Certificate can result in large fines and delayed building occupancy.
  • The ULC Certificate is the only physical proof that your site meets the ULC Standard for fire alarm monitoring.
  • If your security alarm provider CANNOT issue a ULC Certificate they are not providing ULC-level monitoring.
  • Reed Security is ULC Certified for both installation and monitoring; Reed Security can issue a ULC Certificate.
  • CONTACT US today for your no obligation fire monitoring evaluation.


Reed Security provides us with excellent service. I would recommend Virgil and his friendly staff for any project because of their Knowledge, competitive pricing, and customer service.

- Colleen Mah, Northridge Development Corp.

We have had Reed Security at our branches and refer them to our clients.

- Scott Cherry, Cherry Insurance Ltd.


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