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Alarm systems consist of a CPU (main brain), touch screen or keypad, siren, back-up battery and detection devices (door and motion sensors) that protect you against burglary. Enhancements include smart security and protection against fire, carbon monoxide, flood, temperature and glass break.

When the alarm system triggers our 24/7 Emergency Operators notify the local POLICE and FIRE departments as well as your call list. If you have an subscription you also receive instant alerts to your smartphone.

All packages come with Professional Installation, Certificate of Insurance (max. 25 percent discount – consult your insurance provider) and Protected by Reed Security warning signage.


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ReedHD™ Video Surveillance

We all watch TV - think of the difference in quality between regular channels and HD channels. ReedHD™ can help solve more crimes using less cameras due to increased image quality. A standard video surveillance camera records in 0.4 megapixel (720x480 pixels). ReedHD™ records in resolutions up to 29 megapixels (6576 x 4384 pixels) and gives you a better opportunity to record and recognize Faces, License Plates and Objects. Our industry leading 29MP camera gives you the same resolution as over 95 standard definition cameras.

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ReedHD™ Video Surveillance
24/7 Alarm Monitoring Service

24/7 Alarm Monitoring Service

What happens when an intruder tries to enter a protected area of your home? As long as Reed's alarm system is activated, your uninvited guest is greeted with a deterring 110-decibel siren. The alarm signal is simultaneously sent to our trained professionals, who are dedicated to rapid response. They understand the importance of calling to ensure your safety, and contacting the appropriate key-holders and authorities, if necessary.

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Intercoms are used to communicate between two or more locations and to unlock doors and gates. Today's modern intercoms are I.P.-based or telephone-based and no longer require expensive cabling to each individual apartment or condo unit. Easy-to-use software allows for quick programming changes such as adding/deleting tenants and updating phone land line and cell phone numbers. ReedHD™ Video Surveillance is often added to increase security and can display visitors on PC's, iPhones, iPads, and Androids.


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