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  • Our Pricing is even "Better Than the Bundling" that SaskTel SecurTek offers.We can show you the Math.
  • Our Service is SABEX Award Winning and we make sure you are Happy. 

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  • is You (if you do not already have Reed Security)
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  • is Buying or Building a Home or Business
  • is Moving
  • already has Reed Security at Home and wants to get Reed Security at Work
  • already has Reed Security at Work and wants to get Reed Security at Home  
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When our existing client Geransky Brothers Construction wanted to improve the quality of their standard definition camera system they partnered with Reed Security.

The Problem:

  • Standard definition cameras were a popular choice a few years ago, but nowadays HD quality is where it's at
  • When you watch TV - Do you like the old blurry channels or the new HD channels?
  • ReedHD hi-def cameras provide 500% to 5000% more detail than standard definition cameras
  • See ReedHD hi-def Sample Pics: Click Here 

The Solution:

We met the client and customized a ReedHD hi-def Video Surveillance system with the following features and benefits:

  • ReedHD hi-def cameras are used as a business tool to Decrease Losses (theft, false claims) and Increase Profits (productivity, accountability)
  • Interior ReedHD hi-def cameras protect Entrances including entry doors and overhead doors
  • Interior ReedHD hi-def cameras protect shop bays, inventory, tools, and people
  • Exterior ReedHD hi-def cameras protect the building, garages, parking lots, vehicles, and people
  • All ReedHD hi-def cameras have Wide Dynamic Range capabilities (optimized image quality in bright and shadow conditions)
  • All ReedHD hi-def cameras can be accessed and administered with a PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android device
  • 24/7 digital recording of all cameras for 14 to 30 days
  • Professional Installation - On Time and On Budget
  • up to 3 Years Manufacturers Warranty to protect their investment
  • Reed Security Award Winning Service
  • See ReedHD Video Samples: Click Here
The Testimonial:

"ReedHD hi-def cameras are incredible. I can read a log book on one of our trucks 200 feet away."

Ryan Geransky

Geransky Brothers Construction

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The Problem:
  • Imagine getting a phone call from the Fire Department that your Home or Business just burnt to the ground (if you are having problems imagining watch this video)
  • Fires are traumatic, disruptive, and cost a lot of money.
  • In addition to destroying property, possessions, and keepsakes - they Kill People, Pets, and Businesses.   
The Solution:
  • All Reed Security Burglar Alarm systems can be turned into Fire Protection Systems by adding monitored smoke sensors and heat sensors.
  • Smoke Sensors cost anywhere from *$100 to $150 each.
  • Your existing smoke sensors make noise to alert your family/co-workers, but they can't do anything when you are away.
  • Reed Security monitored smoke sensors are connected to our 24/7 Monitoring Stations. When we get an alarm we immediately dispatch the Fire Department and notify your key-holders.
  • Losses to Fire are reduced or avoided all together.
  • Bonus: Your Insurance Company may provide additional discounts when you have Reed Security fire protection. Typical discounts are 10% to 25%.  
The Testimonial:

"I often worried about a fire causing damage to our building and decided to install monitored smoke detectors. I'm So Glad We Did - Reed Security and the Saskatoon Fire Department recently saved the day." 

Wayne and Laurie Walling,
Imagine That Media
above photo: Wayne Walling, Stacy Nahirney, Laurie Walling, Virgil Reed

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