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Every year 30,000+ Security Geeks (oops...Gurus) attend the biggest security expo in North America. Check out this year's security innovations.

We connected with suppliers to negotiate the best pricing and brought the latest crime fighting technology back for our Clients and Dealers. Would you rather deal with the Dinosaurs that never change or the People that believe in Innovation?

The next generation DSC iotega is Secure, Simple and Scalable. The iotega is not designed to be mounted to a wall like a traditional security system. Instead this unit can sit on a counter or entertainment system rack or cabinet. It's designed to be keypad free and controlled with the ALARM.COM smartphone app (July 2018). You can arm/disarm from the built in keypad or add a wire free keypad.

We've been selling the award winning Qolsys IQ Panel 2 for the past 6 months and our clients love them! Comes with a beautiful 7" HD touchscreen, built in ALARM.COM radio and training videos. You won't find another security and automation system with more features.

COMING SOON. The IQ Panel 2 will have three different versions - all with Power G wireless that has an incredible range of 1.6 km. Choose from Power G + ITI 319.5, Power G + Honeywell/2GIG 345 or Power G + DSC 433. It's never been easier to upgrade to an IQ Panel 2 no matter what security system you currently have - we can use your existing wireless sensors.

Over 5 million people trust ALARM.COM installation partners such as Reed Security to protect their homes and businesses. From one single smartphone app you can control your smart security system, smart lights, smart locks, smart garage doors, smart thermostat, HD cameras, wi-fi doorbell camera and more...

Lower cost and easier to use access control is here. After a year of testing with installation partners ALARM.COM is making a big push into commercial access control. No expensive PC/Server costs or up front software costs. Instead clients will subscribe to a monthly plan and use the ALARM.COM Windows and iOS smartphone apps to add/delete users, create locking schedules and review user history. It's easy to integrate with alarm systems and ALARM.COM cameras. This is a game changer!

COMING SOON TO CANADA. Self monitoring of People and Vehicle Detection analytics. Video is stored locally and to the Avigilon Blue Cloud. Receive instant video alerts to your smartphone when you have an unwanted intruder. A monthly subscription is required.

Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology that brings a new level of automation to surveillance, by revealing events that may have otherwise been missed.

Without any predefined rules or setup, Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection technology is able to continuously learn what typical activity in a scene looks like, and then detect and flag unusual motion.

Hikvision’s DeepInMind Series NVR is the first embedded NVR based on a deep learning algorithm executed by its GPU, making it faster and more accurate than conventional CPUs. This NVR effectively filters out alarms triggered by animals and inanimate objects, with greater than 90% accuracy.

Hikvision is the largest video surveillance company in the world and has over 25,000 employees. We toured their 2 million square foot factory in China last year and met with Jeffrey He - the President of Hikvision North America at the show. (He's a pretty big deal in the security world.)

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Would you rather partner with a cutting-edge security LEADER that brings the latest and greatest crime-fighting technology back for their Clients? Or would you like to partner with the Dinosaurs that like to FOLLOW?

Every year we head to Vegas to attend ISCWest. With 1000 exhibitors and 30,0000 security geeks it's the largest Security Expo in North America.

The near future is all about smart security cameras and video management software with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It's getting close to what you see on TV shows like CSI. One example is Face Appearance Search by Avigilon. The software is so smart it can quickly search for the Face of a Person at a site. In the example below the Avigilon representative chooses a thumbnail image of the person he wants to find and the recorded video with the persons face displays immediately. If you look closely, the person he is looking for is on the far right and has an identification box. This is ideal for high traffic locations such as schools, airports, hospitals, government and office buildings.

With over 1000 Exhibitors and 30,000 Security Geeks, ISCWest is THE PLACE to find the latest and greatest security innovations.

Our Sales Manager Ken Spence checked out the Qolsys IQ2 Smart Security & Automation system. This is by far the SMARTEST home and small business solution we've ever seen. Coming to Reed Security mid 2017.

The Qolsys IQ2 Smart Security & Automation system has a few unique features you will not find on any other system. The built in 5MP camera takes photos every time the system is Armed or Disarmed and e-mails it to you (on DisArm). Coming to Reed Security mid 2017.

The Qolsys IQ2 Smart Security & Automation system has a few unique features you will not find on any other system. The 7" touchscreen displays HD video cameras. Also has a built in glass break sensor. Coming to Reed Security mid 2017. has a few new HD camera options. Above is a Bullet style security camera and below is a Dome style security camera. Comes with cloud recording (no local storage required) and the ability to view with your smartphone. Works best when integrated with a Reed Smart Security & Automation system. For example, when a door opens a video clip of the event is stored to the cloud. 

With Amazon Alexa you can use voice commands to control your IQ2 Smart Security & Automation system. This is similar to Siri or Google Assistant. Unfortunately this is NOT available in Canada yet. 

The Qolsys IQ2 Smart Security & Automation system has a few unique features you will not find on any other system. You can DisArm your system with your SmartPhone (without even using an app). Coming to Reed Security mid 2017.

This is a GAME released a System Enhancement Module that attaches onto older DSC Power Series version 4.2 and higher and Honeywell/Ademco alarm systems. It turns your existing alarm system into a Smart Security & Automation system. Control everything with your Smartphone. Coming to Reed Security April 2017

DSC has some great video verification solutions. When your alarm triggers a photo is taken and sent to our Emergency Operators. The Emergency Operator ONLY dispatches the authorities if an intruder is present. This security solution is ideal for back yards and fenced compounds. If you are having a lot of EXPENSIVE false alarms, then this is the right solution for you.

nVidia had 20-odd demos displaying the latest robotic guards and security drones. They have Object Recognition software so accurate it personalizes retail experiences or speeds up law enforcement investigative work. It also has the capabilities to identify cars and pedestrians to keep traffic moving. 

The future of video surveillance is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Search by Example, Super-human image classification, pedestrian detection (in the rain), 5x faster license plate recognition, 10x faster vehicle attribute classification, 11x faster investigation productivity, 30x faster people and attribute detection...

Artificial Intelligence - People Detection

Our security partner Avigilon previews Artificial Intelligence - Face Appearance Search 

Many security companies are investing into Drone technology and developing an integrated security solution. Imagine a smart camera that detects a Person and Drone launching to follow, record, a talk to an unwanted visitor. Our friends at Saskatoon-based were way ahead of their time! 

Drones can be used to deliver and detonate explosives. But not if you have a DroneSheild gun. DroneSheild is a counter-measure that allows you to safely take control and jam video frequencies. 

This isn't R2D2. It's the Knightscope Autonomous Data Machine (a security robot). It's microphones, cameras, and analytics are designed to detect threat and alert the proper authorities. The founders created the ADM in response to school shootings and the Boston marathon bombing.

Our security partner Hikvision is the largest video surveillance company in the world. Reed Security gets a tour of their retail, education, government and traffic solutions with Hikvision management. — with Christopher Zenaty, VP Sales, Hikvision USAVirgil Reed,Jeffrey He, President, Hikvision USAKen Spence,Jeff Augustine, Senior Sales Manager Western Canada and Barry Paisley 

Hikvision has released a Specialty Camera Solution line for coastlines, marinas, ports, food processing sites, mines, oil and gas facilities, airports and solar farms.

Hikvision has expanded into vehicle surveillance applications and body worn cameras for law enforcement and security guards. 

Hikvision launched an affordable microphone to record conversations. Audio + Video provides the best evidence to convict a criminal. *Audio recording is not legal in all jurisdictions. 

Schlage has a wireless access control solution for applications that are hard to wire. Comes with a built in proximity reader.

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We'll Make Sure of It...

IT'S A BIG DEAL: With over 1000 exhibitors and 28,000 visitors, ISCWest is the largest security expo in the USA. We paid a lot of attention to ALARM.COM as over half our new subscribers have connected Homes and Businesses.


The gang at Reed Security regularly travels to security conferences to look for the most innovative, cost-effective, and reliable security solutions. We also use the time to network and strengthen our relationships with our security partners.

Do you want a cutting-edge security provider that ensures the latest crime fighting technology is available to you? Or do you like to keep stagnant with the other guys and the "why fix what ain't broken" attitude?

If you're having a problem with Theft and need to Increase Security - We Can Help! We can also Help you if you are Moving or Building.

NOW AVAILABLE: Introducing our Smartest and Most Innovative security and home automation system - the QOLSYS IQPanel. Comes with a beautiful 7" touchscreen, built in camera that sends you pictures everytime the system is disarmed. Turn lights on or off, activate your security system, lock and unlock doors, or adjust your thermostat.

COMING SOON: SkyBell HD Video Doorbell will integrate with ALARM.COM Smart Security. Receive a notification when the doorbell is pressed, speak with your visitors, unlock your door from the ALARM.COM app, record video clips when the doorbell is pressed, have lights turn on automatically when the doorbell is pressed and more...

As an Avigilon Partner we have access to exclusive technology such as 7K cameras and industry best video analytics. All H4 series now come with built in People and Car/Truck/Boat detection and notification.

As a HIKVision Platinum Dealer we receive additional volume discounts, extended warranty, and VIP support. They launched several new HD camera options, i.p intercoms, and mobile solutions for transportation.

Know anybody that's MOVING, BUILDING or HAD THEFT?
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Each year the Reed Security team travels to security conferences to look for new trends and security innovations.

We also attend partner functions and networking dinners to bring the lowest possible pricing back home.

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