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Every year 20,000 Security Geeks (Experts) attend ISCWEST to learn about cutting-edge crime fighting technology, latest trends and connect with our security industry friends.

Would you rather deal with a security company that invests in themselves (and You) or one that coasts?

BTW - This is the 16th year Reed Security has attended ISCWEST!

Our connected property partner,, announced the Water Dragon Smart Leak Detection System.

The Water Dragon is a single compact device that uses ultrasonic technology to detect and promptly alert homeowners about water issues before they become major problems. 

Homeowners can also use the app to monitor water usage trends for the day, week, and month, which can help them conserve water and save on utility bills.

We connected with our 24/7 Monitoring partner, AvantGuard, to learn more about tools they recently implemented to give our clients an even better Customer Experience. Tools include new monitoring software, apps and a dashboard.

The parent company, Becklar, also showcased WorkerSafety Pro. This lone worker solution requires regular check-ins and will notify a call list during an emergency.

Whether it’s an environmental, health, or social risk, WorkerSafety Pro provides the most comprehensive and customizable solution for the iPhone and Apple Watch today.

We found a MUST HAVE solution to detect teenagers vaping in school washrooms.

Triton smart sensors monitor your bathrooms 24/7 so you don’t have to. When an incident is detected, get an instant alert to take action quickly.

3D Sense can detect real time vaping of all vaped or smoked Nicotine and THC. 

3D Sense Pro can also detect keywords such as "Help", "Stop" and "Gun".

Need Remote Video Monitoring? Don't have reliable power? Don't have internet?

Mobile Pro Systems manufactures creative mobile surveillance systems for real-time monitoring in nearly any environment.

Add Reed Security's Virtual Guard Service to Intervene before a crime takes place.



This is the exact thought we had when we stopped by the Shooter Detection Systems booth.

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System incorporates the world’s finest acoustic gunshot identification software and combines it with infrared gunfire flash detection to produce the highest performing, fully automatic, and most accurate gunshot detection technology available today.

The Guardian System is certified by US and UK Government authorities and trusted by our customers in corporate, school, government, and other private and public venues across the globe and comes in wireless and PoE sensor solutions to fit every building design.

Our partner, Qolsys, had the MOST smart features of any security and automation system at the show. Control it all from a touchscreen or from apps.

Coming Soon: IQ Pro and IQ Pro+ for large commercial facilities.

We stopped by the AJAX Systems booth to learn about their smart home and business platform. The company is based in Ukraine and have relocated their production to a safer area that hasn't been as impacted by the War.  

The products look beautiful, they have best in class wireless range (up to 2km) and the app is easy to use.

We ordered a demo kit to test it out. Bat sold separately.

Our partner, Avigilon, introduced Avigilon Unity on-premise and Avigilon Alta cloud security suites. 

Whether you want to manage your video surveillance and access control systems directly or outsource management by moving to the cloud — this is powerful AI enabled technology!

REED personalizes security solutions for your needs and budget.

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Reed Security was established in March of 2000 with a vision – we want to be the #1 security provider in Saskatchewan! Over two decades later we are known for our great local service and protect 1000’s of homes and businesses across the prairies. To serve you better we have locations in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Calgary and Edmonton. 

In our latest article, we share the details of a security pilot project by the Downtown Saskatoon Business Improvement District.



We help businesses and organizations re-gain control, reduce theft, monitor their properties, protect staff and grow their bottom lines. From small businesses to large enterprises our professional-grade Smart Business security solutions from Reed Security provide tools you can rely on.

In our latest project spotlight, we share some interesting information on a pilot project for the DTNYXE Bid in Saskatoon, and how security cameras and Video Surveillance Keeps Security Front and Center in smart cities across the globe! 

“Urban populations are expanding rapidly around the globe, with an expected growth of 1.56 billion by 2040. As the number of people living and working in cities continues to grow, the ability to keep everyone safe is an increasing challenge However, technology companies are developing products and solutions with these futuristic cities in mind, as the reality is closer than you may think. Solutions that can help to watch over public places and share data insights with city workers and officials are increasingly enabling smart cities to improve the experience and safety of the people who reside there. “ - Rishi Lodhia- Managing Director, EMEA,

We all want our public places to be safe, whether you are in shopping malls or walking around towns and cities downtown. From dangerous drivers to petty crime on the streets to high profile bank robberies, surveillance cameras can go some way to recording events, helping the police or other emergency services to respond quickly to, and in some cases even prevent serious incidents.


Reed Security is excited to announce that we are the Saskatoon security company selected by the Downtown Saskatoon Business Improvement District to provide services for the pilot security surveillance project in Downtown Saskatoon. We installed high-definition surveillance cameras at several key locations in Saskatoon’s City Centre, in an effort to make our cities downtown feel safer for all citizens.

We installed REEDHD™ security cameras with ColorVu technology. The cameras use an ultra-low light sensor and a built-in spotlight to see in color 24/7. The client can check on cameras anytime, anywhere using our desktop and smartphone apps.

 “It was easy to increase the safety and protection of our community. The cooperation we received from DTNYXE and participating businesses was outstanding.”
Virgil Reed, CEO, Reed Security
"Reed Security was great to work with, the project was delivered on time and on budget and we are pleased with the overall result. They were sensitive to the needs of property owners to ensure the installation was sensitive to building facades."
Brent Penner, Executive Director, DTNYXE





Case studies have proven that having a video surveillance system can deter a significant amount of crime. The University of North Carolina found that half of all the surveyed burglars would flee the area after discovering cameras. Additionally, 60% of burglars said they wouldn’t rob an establishment if they had prior knowledge of the video surveillance system.



Hayward, California*

After investing in improving its downtown area, city officials in Hayward, California, realized that the area around city hall needed further security measures to stop the drug dealing, prostitution, theft and violent crimes going on there. Purchasing solar-powered, deployable video surveillance units saved the city a significant amount of money since power lines would have had to have been trenched in. Even better, the drug dealing came to a rapid halt thanks to camera identification and other crime went down an estimated 60 percent as well.

Mankato, Minnesota*

The city of Mankato, Minnesota, has complied with its new public safety and property protection initiatives and helped reduce the number of public safety crimes, as well as vandalism incidents. A recent nationally-publicized altercation that took place outside a bar was captured on the city’s surveillance cameras, giving law enforcement evidence that aided in the judicial process.



You could say that the common factor between every smart city project in the world is in their ultimate goal: to improve quality of life, or livability, for their citizens, and Saskatoon is no different. 

Atlanta, Georgia

In addition to city departments, the networks of local private businesses can also be integrated. This results in a public-private partnership that ensures the highest level of protection for a city and its citizens. There are already some very successful use cases proving the importance of collaboration between the public and private sector, for example, the initiative “Operation Shield” ran in the City of Atlanta.


“Operation Shield is a two-way street. The police department gets eyes in a particular area they might not have had before, and at the same time, it gives businesses peace of mind that APD can see what’s going on and respond faster should the need arise.” - Thomas Sutton, Senior Police Officer of the Atlanta, Georgia Police Department


#1- Cameras per person 

Based on the number of cameras per 1,000 people, these cities are the top 10 most surveilled in the world: 

1. Taiyuan, China – 465,255 cameras for 3,975,985 people = 117.02 cameras per 1,000 people 
2. Wuxi, China – 300,000 cameras for 3,315,113 people = 90.49 cameras per 1,000 people 
3. London, England (UK) – 691,000 cameras for 9,425,622 people = 73.31 cameras per 1,000 people 
4. Indore, India – 200,600 cameras per 3,113,445 people = 64.43 cameras per 1,000 people 
5. Changsha, China – 262,000 cameras for 4,694,722 people = 55.81 cameras per 1,000 people 
6. Beijing, China – 1,150,000 cameras for 20,896,820 people = 55.03 cameras per 1,000 people 
7. Hangzhou, China – 400,000 cameras for 7,845,501 people = 50.98 cameras per 1,000 people 
8. Qingdao, China – 262,000 cameras for 5,742,486 people = 45.62 cameras per 1,000 people 
9. Kunming, China – 200,000 cameras for 4,550,831 people = 43.95 cameras per 1,000 people 
10. Xiamen, China – 150,000 cameras for 3,790,792 people = 39.57 cameras per 1,000 people

#2- Cameras per square mile 

Based on the number of cameras per square mile, these cities are the top 20 most surveilled in the world:

Depending on whom you ask, the increased prevalence and capabilities of CCTV surveillance could make society safer and more efficient, could trample on our rights to privacy and freedom of movement, or both. No matter which side you argue, the fact is that live video surveillance is ramping up worldwide. 



Reed Security is a Multi AWARD WINNING company and we are your TRUSTED SASKATOON ALARM & SECURITY EXPERTS



Home Renovation Tax Credit

Home Security Systems, Devices and Professional Installation qualify. Monthly fees do not.

Under this non-refundable tax credit, Saskatchewan homeowners may save up to $2,100 in provincial income tax by claiming a 10.5 per cent tax credit on up to $20,000 of eligible home renovation expenses. Eligible expenses include the cost of labour and professional services, building materials, fixtures, equipment rentals, and permits.

This tax credit will be administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as part of the Saskatchewan personal income tax system. CRA will develop the necessary forms and filing instructions in the coming months.

1. To Qualify

  • Renovations must be to your principal residence, which must be located in Saskatchewan.
  • Renovation expenses must be incurred between October 1, 2020, and December 31, 2022.
  • The renovation must be substantially completed by December 31, 2022.
  • At the time of the renovation(s), you must own, alone or jointly with another person, the housing unit (or share of the capital stock of a co-operative housing corporation that you acquired solely for the right to inhabit the housing unit owned by that corporation).
  • You, your current or former spouse or common-law partner, or any of your or your spouse/common-law partner's children must ordinarily inhabit the housing unit during the eligibility period.
  • In general, renovations must be of an enduring nature and integral to the dwelling or to the land that forms part of the dwelling. Land of one-half hectare or 1.24 acres, including the land upon which your housing unit stands and any portion of the adjoining land, will generally be considered part of your eligible dwelling for purposes of this tax credit.

2. Claim Credit on Tax Returns

Claim the credit on your 2021 and/or 2022 personal income tax returns:

  • Total qualified expenses incurred between October 1, 2020, and December 31, 2021, in excess of $1,000 (base amount), but not more than $12,000 can be claimed on your 2021 tax return (maximum claim of $11,000 for 2021).
  • Total qualified expenses incurred between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022, in excess of $1,000 (base amount), but not more than $10,000, can be claimed on your 2022 tax return (maximum claim of $9,000 for 2022).
  • The tax credit can be split among eligible family members, but the total amount claimed cannot exceed the maximum allowable. Eligible family members include you and your spouse or common-law partner and you or your spouse/common-law partner's children who are under 18 years of age at the end of 2021.
  • If you sell and purchase an eligible dwelling during the eligibility period, qualified expenses that you incur for both dwellings will be eligible (however, each dwelling must have been your permanent residence at the time the renovations occurred). The maximum total of qualified expenditures that you can claim is $20,000.
  • If you earn rental or business income from part of your eligible dwelling, you can only claim the amount for expenses incurred for the personal-use areas of your dwelling. For expenses incurred for common areas or that benefit the housing unit as a whole (e.g., re-shingling a roof), divide the expense between personal use and income-earning use and claim the personal-use portion.
  • Example of splitting the tax credit between family members: You and your spouse enter a contract for the purchase and installation of a new furnace after October 1, 2020, and pay $9,500 for this renovation. On your 2021 tax return, calculate the tax credit as follows: Total qualified expense of $9,500, less the $1,000 base amount = $8,500. Either you or your spouse can claim the entire $8,500 or you can each claim a portion of it. For example, if you claim $3,500, your spouse can claim the remaining $5,000.

3. Documentation

Eligible expenses must be supported by documents such as receipts or invoices and should clearly identify:

  • the vendor/contractor including business address and (if applicable) their GST/HST registration number
  • the type and quantity of goods purchased and/or services provided
  • the dates when the goods and/or services were purchased or delivered
  • Invoices must by marked "paid" or be accompanied by other proof of payment such as credit card slips or cancelled cheques.

4. Eligible Expenses

Examples of eligible expenses:

  • painting the interior or exterior of a house
  • re-shingling a roof
  • kitchen, bathroom, and/or basement renovations
  • flooring (carpet, linoleum, hardwood, laminate, etc.)
  • windows and/or doors
  • furnace, boiler, woodstove, fireplace, water softener, water heater, and/or oil tank
  • central air conditioner
  • permanent home ventilation
  • permanent reverse osmosis system
  • septic system and/or wells
  • electrical wiring upgrades (e.g., changing from 100 to 200 amps)
  • home security system (monthly fees do not qualify)
  • solar panels and panel trackers
  • building a garage, deck, fence, garden/storage shed, and/or an addition to your home
  • building a new driveway and/or retaining wall (or resurfacing a driveway)
  • exterior shutters and awnings
  • pool liners and/or solar heaters and heat pumps for pools (does not include solar blankets)
  • landscaping (e.g., sod, perennial shrubs and flowers, trees, large rocks, permanent garden lighting, permanent water fountain, permanent ponds, large permanent garden ornaments)
  • fixtures (e.g., blinds, shades, shutters, lights, ceiling fans)
  • electronic devices that are installed as a fixture and are necessary and primarily used to operate another eligible expenditure (e.g., a device that is a fixture and is necessary and primarily used to operate solar panels, air conditioning systems, home security devices, or ventilation systems)
  • associated costs to the above such as installation, permits, professional services, equipment rentals, and incidental expenses (e.g., work performed by electricians, plumbers, carpenters, architects, etc. will generally constitute an eligible expense)
  • for condo owners and co-operative housing corporation members, your share of the cost of eligible renovations to common areas will qualify for the tax credit if certain conditions are met (see Information Bulletin for more details)

5. Ineligible Expenses

Examples of expenses which are not eligible:

  • renovations to a cottage or cabin unless it is your principal residence
  • the value of your own labour for do-it-yourself projects
  • payments to a close relative or other person not at arm's length, unless that person is registered for GST purposes
  • routine repairs and maintenance typically performed on an annual or more frequent basis
  • maintenance contracts (e.g., furnace and/or pool cleaning, snow removal, lawn care, etc.)
  • appliances, furniture, draperies, hot tubs, and mechanical items not considered an enduring addition to your home (e.g. fridges, stoves, couches, etc.)
  • TVs, computers, tablets, smart devices, speakers, streaming devices, cellphones, gaming systems, and other audiovisual electronics
  • items that have a value independent of the renovation, such as construction equipment and/or tools
  • any financing costs (e.g., interest payments) associated with the renovation(s)

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SP&T News, Canada's #1 magazine for security dealers and integrators recently interviewed Virgil Reed.

Before founding Reed Security, a Saskatoon-based business that offers custom-designed alarm systems and high-definition video surveillance, Virgil Reed got his first taste of the security industry working as commercial sales representative for ADT Security back in 1998.

Though he appreciated the vital lessons that he learned from the company, Reed decided to follow his dream of starting his own company.

Founded in 2000, Reed Security started out as an authorized dealer for another company for five years before making another change.

“After five years of being a dealer, we became an independent — and it was the greatest choice I ever made,” Reed said in an interview with SP&T News.

Read the full article:


To Our People - Clients, Dealers, Staff and Community,

At Reed Security we're paying attention to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. It's unsettling and share the same concerns as you.

We have increased measures to Reduce the SpreadWe encourage you to consult these trusted sources before making any decisions or disseminating any information: 


  • As of today none of our employees have traveled to a country or area with an “Active Travel Health Notice” per Public Health Canada. If an employee did we would not allow the person to return to work until the end of the mandatory government recommended self-quarantine - which is currently 14 days
  • If you (employee) travel outside of Saskatchewan please consult a government website to assess the risk level and current protocols for your trip and return. All travel outside of Saskatchewan should be disclosed to the office for the safety of all employees and our clients.
  • If you (employee) are faced with self-isolation and do not have adequate supplies please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.
  • If you have upper-respiratory symptoms (headache, coughing, fever, other flu-like symptoms), please notify us and stay home; and we recommend you consult a doctor and a trusted information source to determine the best next steps.
    • As of today most clinics and doctors offices request that you call first if you think you have COVID-19 so that they can be prepared for your arrival.
    • Please do not come to work within 24 hours of having symptoms of a cold or flu.
    • If a household member is symptomatic, but unconfirmed COVID-19 please consult a professional and use your best discretion in deciding when it’s safe to return to work.  
  • Should you (employee) require self-isolation or extended time off for illness please contact Employment Canada about benefits.
  • If you (employee) are confronted with someone who is COVID-19 symptomatic please maintain a safe distance of at least 2 meters or 6 feet, as always you have the right to refuse work that you think is unsafe.
  • While we are extremely happy with the job our cleaning staff does we have requested they increase their current cleaning to include wiping down public surfaces with alcohol based wipes.
  • Our goal is to reduce the staff in the office at any given time by 20%. Please discuss work from home or reduced in office days with your manager. 


  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and especially after using the restroom and before eating.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, wherever available. 
  • Avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes.
  • Avoid shaking hands, hugging, or other personal contact.
  • If you need to cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or your bend of your elbow.
  • Wipe down your cell phone with alcohol based wipe several times per day.
  • Once per day wipe down public surfaces with an alcohol based wipes. This includes the front counter, light switches, door knobs, proximity card readers, and security system keypads.
  • Everyone (including clients) is required to wash their hands before and after using our boardroom.
  • Do not share computers, desks or phones.
  • Where possible do not share tools or van space.
  • Anyone can be denied entry into our office, or asked to leave the office if they are displaying symptoms that make our staff feel unsafe, a sign will be posted to indicate this at the front door of our office.


  • Field staff are our sales representatives and technicians.
  • Field staff are to have hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes with them. 
  • Field staff should wash or sanitize our hands Before, During and After a site visit.
  • Technicians should wipe down equipment that multiple people touch at the end of an installation. (i.e Keypads, Proximity Card Readers, Monitors, Keyboards, Mouse’s, etc.)
  • Field staff are to ensure they are not exhibiting any symptoms as outlined by the trusted sources listed above before coming to work. 
  • Do not come to work within 24 hours of experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • If you traveled outside of Saskatchewan, you must disclose it to management.
  • Do not share vehicles as much as possible.
  • Wipe down steering wheels, gear shifters, keys, radios, interior door handles, etc… with disinfectant wipes regularly. 
  • If you have a cough or sneeze, please remove yourself from the area, cough/sneeze into a tissue or the bend of your elbow. Wash/sanitize your hands (especially in the presence of others).

                  UPDATED COVID-19 MEASURES MARCH 16TH, 2020

                  • All employees are to stay at least one meter apart.
                  • Please wash your hands before entering and after exiting the lunch room and board room.
                  • All employees are to eat lunch at their desks. You may use the lunch room to prepare or store your lunch but no lingering.
                  • Daily huddles and weekly meetings should take place via Zoom app if you cannot maintain the one meter safe distance.
                  • We are wiping down of all “public” surfaces once per day. All office should help (we have a checklist).
                  Employees that have been approved to work from home must submit the following:

                  • A photo of their home work space including the computer/technology you plan to use at home.
                  • Confirmation you can access your desktop computer via ZOHO Assist. Geoff and Garrett can help you set this up.
                  • Confirmation of how you intend to take and make phone calls.
                    i.e. my cell number is this please forward calls to my cell and I will call people back from my cell
                  • No files, paper or inventory should be removed from the office. If you require a document SCAN IT and SAVE IT to your Office 365 One Drive. 
                  • Sales Team can take documentation you are actively working on home, but you must leave an itemized list on your desk of what you are removing from the office. 

                  Permanent Work Changes:

                  • All contracts, maps, security drawings, JIFC Forms and client related paperwork are to be scanned and uploaded to the client MKS file. If you need a reminder how to do this please ask.
                  • Use ZOHO Assist to access your Desktop PC remotely.
                  • All WO and WO related materials should be photographed and emailed to the office to be stored digitally in the client MKS file.

                  Temporary Work Changes:


                  • The Admin Team will continue to file, however we will file in a weekly rotation i.e. new empty bin will be put out each Monday subsequently the old bin will be removed and filed sometime that week. This is to allow a 48 hour “cooling off" period for all files.
                  • If you require a file that is in a bin please wash or sanitize your hands before and after looking for the file.
                  • If you require a file that is at another employee's desk please have them have them retrieve it for you. If this isn't possible please wash or sanitize your hands before and after looking for the file.

                  The Management Team at Reed Security is reviewing the situation daily. We will provide additional updates when available.

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