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All of us have been impacted by COVID-19 and it's devastating. We will continue to do everything we can to keep our People and You safe.

The Government of Saskatchewan has released it's list of Critical Public Services and Allowable Businesses to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the complete list visit

Reed Security is an Allowable Business
that provides security services including private security guards, monitoring or surveillance equipment and services. 

We have implemented comprehensive measures to increase the safety of the People that matter most - our Families, our Staff and our Clients.

Even though Reed Security is considered an Allowable Business we have decided to close our office to visitors to Reduce the Spread. What does this mean?

  • Maintaining Regular Business Hours - Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm CST
    Many of our staff are working remotely from home (and spending a LOT of time with family).
    Tel. 306.653.3200 or 1.844.384.SAFE
  • Residential Security Sales - We will continue to provide remote consultations and sales.
    Book a Consultation
  • Commercial Security Sales - We will continue to provide remote and on-site consultations and sales.
    Book a Consultation
  • Installations - We will continue to provide on-site installations.
    Book an Installation
  • Support/Service - We will continue to provide remote and on-site service.
    Get Help or Book a Service Call
    We have made "social distancing" arrangements if you need replacement parts, batteries, yard signs, etc.
  • Administration/Accounting - We will continue to provide all functions. or call us
  • Alarm and Video Monitoring - We will continue to provide all notification service and dispatching.

We are paying attention to COVID-19 closely and will continue to update you on our operations.

#flattenthecurve #stayhome #socialdistancing


Is it a throwback if you still have an old, outdated alarm system keypad?
Older keypads are used to arm, disarm and program your security system. Sometimes they are used as a door chime.

Today, a Reed Security system is a beautiful touchscreen and functions as a smarthome/smartbusiness security and automation system.

✅ 7" HD touchscreen
✅ Live Answer/View - displays HD cameras
✅ 4G LTE cellular radio - no phone line required
✅ Z-Wave+ radio - connect to smart locks, smart lights, smart thermostat
✅ 5MP HD camera - record people disarming and can send you photos
✅ Door, Motion, Fire, Flood and Temperature protection

...and lots more.

Comes with desktop and smartphone apps when you have a Reed Security Interactive Plan subscription.

✅ Connect to your home or business from Anywhere
✅ Get instant alerts of the system being armed/disarmed by kids or employees
✅ One single app can control your security system, ReedHD
 security cameras, smart locks, smart thermostat, smart lights and more...

We've added some new *$0 Down Plans with $0 INSTALLATION.

It's never been easier to Upgrade, Switch Over from a competitor or install a New Smart Package at your Home or Business.

Plans range from $39.95/mo. to $79.95/mo. and a term is required.

Contact Us today for more information or to Book your professional installation.


$0 EQUIPMENT Nothing is "FREE", but until November 30th Reed Security is covering most of the cost* to UPGRADE to the Smartest Home Security & Automation system on the Planet - the IQ Panel 2 Plus. New clients and switch overs from competitors also qualify.

*$0 Plans start at $34.95/mo. O.A.C., with a 5 year subscription. Conditions apply.

Control every aspect of your Home with an easy-to-use touchscreen panel and apps (subscription required).
*7" HD touchscreen - easy to use, feels like your phone *Built in 5MP HD camera - disarm photos with face recognition *Built in glassbreak sensor - detects breaking of windows *Z-wave Plus - control smart lights, locks, thermostats, garage door openers and more... * LTE cellular radio - lightning fast connectivity to our 24/7 Monitoring Stations via SaskTel and Telus, No Phone Line required *Bluetooth touchless disarming - leave your phone in your pocket *Power G Wireless Sensors - industry best 1.6km range and 5-7 year battery life, encrypted to prevent hacking. Sensors are available for doors, windows, glass-break, fire, heat, carbon monoxide, low temperature, flood and more... *Live Answer/Live View - safely answer your door from the 7" HD touchscreen. Requires an doorbell camera. Other available 1080p HD cameras include indoor with 2 way audio, outdoor dome and outdoor bullet. If you would like more information or would like to book an installation, please contact Reed Security or a Reed Security Authorized Dealer today. Call 1-844-384-SAFE (7233) #local #wecare #smarthome #reedsecurity


Smart home security is a back-to-school essential for many working families with older children. 

With an array of after-school safeguards for your kids, it delivers peace of mind throughout the school year and for years to come. Your kids can even grow into it as they become more independent.

Fewer keys means fewer worries 

As soon as your kids are old enough to arrive home on their own, starts making things easier with keyless smart locks and user codes for easy access. 

Unlike keys, user codes can't be dropped, lost on the bus, or left in the door. If forgotten, its owner can ring the doorbell camera and you can unlock the door from work. Like a set of keys, however, your child's first user code can still confer a sense of responsibility that they'll love. 

Find out more: Four Ways to Use a Smart Lock 

Technology makes check-ins less challenging 

With every school year, your kids grow a little more independent. Meanwhile, you worry just as much as you ever did, and you need to know they're okay after school. 

Your app is here to help, offering peace of mind via quick, visual check-ins. You can see a quick snapshot from any Image Sensor, view a live feed from your indoor or outdoor cameras, and even get front-door video clips of your kids arriving home. 

If you prefer a hands-off approach, also offers a range of custom alerts for specific activity and events, such as the kids not arriving home on time, or even the video game cabinet being open for too long. 

Find out more: Four Essential Back-to-School Alerts 

Smart reminders ensure that your house stays secure 

As kids get older, they have more going on, which means they forget things. Unfortunately, this often includes securing the house when they're last to leave. can help with actionable smartphone reminders. Once your teens have their own app, your house can remind them directly if a door isn't locked, or the garage is open, or the security system isn't armed when it should be. They'll be able to fix things quickly with a remote command. 

Read more: Versus Unlawful Entry 

As kids grow, keeps up keeps up with your family as you grow. When it's time to add a new device like a doorbell camera or smart lock, Reed Security is on hand to help. We also deliver new features and updates digitally through the cloud, keeping your home at the cutting edge of smart home technology

To add smart home security to your parenting toolkit this year, Click here to contact Reed Security or a Reed Security Authorized Dealer. 

$0 Installation Plans are available O.A.C.




Smart Signal gives you a direct connection to Reed Security's 24/7 Monitoring Stations from anywhere, using only your app. Smart Signal has simple emergency buttons within your app. These buttons let you quickly verify an alarm at your property to expedite emergency response, cancel a false alarm easily, or send a PANIC signal from your home or business if you discover an emergency yourself. Smart Signal's CANCEL and VERIFY buttons only appear in alarm events. To confirm or verify the alarm, all you'll need to do is HOLD the relevant button for three seconds.

You can also trigger a PANIC signal for HELP! in a broad range of emergencies.
To enable Smart Signal or for more information on Smart Home/Business solutions please contact Reed Security or a Reed Security Authorized Dealer. SASKATOON SMART HOME/BUSINESS INQUIRIES Reed Security Headquarters Call 306.653.3200 or 1.844.384.SAFE (7233) SuRe InnoVations Call 306.974.0888 PRINCE ALBERT SMART HOME/BUSINESS INQUIRIES Call 306.922.7200 CALGARY SMART HOME/BUSINESS INQUIRIES Call 587.393.2800 REGINA SMART HOME/BUSINESS INQUIRIES Call 306.206.0700

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