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After spending years working at Future Shop (Best Buy) and ADT Security I decided to go out on my own and launch a security company in Saskatoon, SK. I was 26 years old and had a lot of enthusiasm, but was really naive on how to start and run a business. 

It was pretty tough in the early years (2000) and I failed a lot. I was determined to succeed - even when our accountant at the time suggested otherwise "sometimes you have to give up your dream" he said. 

Today Reed Security services thousands of clients across the prairies from our head office and dealerships in Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Regina and Calgary. We've received 20+ Award Recognitions for Customer Service, Management Quality, Marketing, New Direction, Young Entrepreneur and Small Business of the Year.

In this podcast I share how I failed, how I overcame challenges, and how WE Built Reed Security into the successful brand it is today.


Interviewed by Paul Grossinger, Group Publisher of Annex Business Media (SP&T News)

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It's a great honor to win the 2016 SABEX Marketing Award and to be recognized by the Saskatoon business community. Thank You!!

Time to pay it forward...

4 Marketing Tips To Grow The Bottom Line:

1. Have A Plan

  • A marketing plan is just as important as a financial plan/budget
  • Find out Who buys your products/services by interviewing existing clients
  • How much will you spend each month? HINT: Pick a number such as 4% of Sales and stick with it
  • If you're challenged at marketing - hire someone or a firm

2. Pay Attention

  • Pay attention to your marketing weekly
  • Don't wait until it slows down to launch your next marketing campaign
  • Run several marketing campaigns at the same time
  • Make sure you have a responsive web-site with lots relevant info. to educate your decision makers
  • Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Update your news feed/blog weekly

3. Get Noticed

  • Headlines get noticed - sources for News are experts
  • Testimonials get noticed - you can ask for one while you interview a client
  • Have some Fun - People love to smile :)
  • Don't Bombard People with high pressure, limited time offers

4. Connect

  • Make sure you're active on Social Media
  • FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn are musts
  • YouTube, InstaGram and Google+ are great options
  • Engage People in conversations - ask for feedback and ask questions
  • Don't be afraid to respectfully disagree or challenge a comment with facts

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Above: Oyvind from Thor Security Ltd. in Prince Albert loves to install ReedHD Cameras and is a part-time super model.

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Several alarm companies only have SUMMER PROGRAMS? Large crews of university students are hired and offered large commissions ($400 to $500 per contract) to get you to sign up. These companies often don't have proper licensing or local service offices. LEARN MORE by Googling "door to door alarm scam".


It's that time of year when you will be getting pressured by pushy door to door salespeople. They would like to sign you up to a "limited time offer" that expires "right away". And before you know you know it you're on the hook for thousands of dollars. (This happens several thousand times each year).

The Pressure: 

  • Sales person won't leave even when you tell them to "Leave"
  • Sales person won't leave when you tell them "No Thanks"
  • Sales person won't leave when you say "I Already Have Your Products or Service"
  • Sales person name drops the name of your neighbor and makes it sound like "they signed up" or "they bought one" or "they referred me to you"
  • Sales person comes to the house several times and won't leave you alone

The Solutions: 

  • Put Up Your Hand and "Say NO".
  • Immediately close the door and the sales person will eventually leave.
  • Tell them "You are Trespassing" and that you are calling the BBB Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection Branch and the Police if they do not leave.

BBB     1-888-352-7601

Consumer Protection     1-877-880-5550

Saskatoon Police     (306) 975-8300

RCMP (Saskatoon)     (306) 975-5173 or call your Local Detachment

  • Always Get 3 Quotes for whatever you consider purchasing. This gives you the time to gather information and to check if the "deal" being presented to you is the best option.
  • Never Accept Quick Delivery of a product or service. This gives you a cooling off period and more time to gather facts.
  • If you did proceed with the offer You Have 10 Days to Change Your Mind and CANCEL (and get a full refund). It's the Law in Saskatchewan.

Reed Security is Your Local Security Company That Cares. We've received 20+ Award Recognitions for the way we look after our People and Clients. Thank You for Trusting Us!

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The 2016 Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce SABEX Award Finalists were announced today and Reed Security has made the finals in two categories - Customer Service and Marketing. Woo Hoo! We also want to say Congratulations to a number of our clients who were also named 2016 Finalists. 

Here's a complete list of the categories and the finalists: 
*Reed Security clients

Customer Service (Sponsored by CGI Group Inc.): For a business demonstrating exceptional performance in providing services (wholesale and retail trade, purchasing and distribution, transportation, brokering, professional services, communications, financial). Judging considers the relative size of the business.

Finalists are:

  • Two Fifty Two Boutique
  • Park Town Hotel
  • Reed Security
  • Black Ink Holdings Corp.
  • SaskMade Marketplace

Marketing (Sponsored by Handy Group of Companies): For a business demonstrating exceptional performance in marketing. The judges will evaluate the success of a marketing program giving consideration to the nature of the product and the relative size of the business.

Finalists are:

  • Black Ink Holdings Corp.
  • Mourning Glory Funeral and Cremation Services
  • North Prairie Developments*
  • Reed Security
  • Traxx Footwear

Growth & Expansion (Sponsored by Miller Thomson):
For a business who has made significant changes in their business which has resulted in growth or expansion of 15% or more of the business’ markets, physical locations, number of employees, etc., and which in turn has made an impact on the company’s overall ability to increase its revenues, investments, and profits now or in the future.

  • Mourning Glory Funeral and Cremation Services
  • Vendasta*
  • Con-Tech General Contractors Ltd.*

New Product and/or Service (Sponsored by BDC):
For a business demonstrating exceptional performance in launching a new Saskatchewanmade product or service in the last 3 years, which is original and is currently available to consumers.

  • Three Farmers Products
  • North Prairie Developments*
  • W Bridals Clarity Coaching & Development
  • Tufts Management

New Business Venture (Sponsored by Tourism Saskatoon- Conventions Saskatoon):
For a new business venture which has been in existence for three years or less and which has shown positive performance in terms of current or expected profitability, job creation or entrance into new markets. The judges utilize financial criteria as well as consideration of the nature of the new venture and its impact on job creation and market expansion. Judging takes into account the relative size of the new venture.
  • Two Fifty Two Boutique
  • Thrive Juice Co.
  • Social Spiral Technologies
  • Komfort Insulation Ltd.
  • Tufts Management

Community Involvement (Sponsored by SaskTel):
For a business demonstrating substantial support for arts and culture, amateur sport, education or volunteerism.

  • Brainsport Neechie Gear Inc.
  • S&E Trusted Online Directories*
  • Wiegers Financial & Benefits*

Safety (Sponsored by Saskatchewan Polytechnic):
Awarded to an organization that has shown leadership through its commitment to improving its safety management practices or implemented a new, unique, forward-thinking and original idea to create a safer work environment.

  • Envirotec Services Incorporated*
  • Con-Tech General Contractors Ltd.*
  • North Ridge Development Corporation*
  • Saskatoon Fire & Flood*
  • Saskatoon Aerocentre*

Small Business of the Year (Sponsored by MNP):
Awarded to a business with 15 or less employees. The recipient must clearly demonstrate excellence in the areas they consider key to their success, including profitability, customer service, growth and/or expansion, marketing, and employment creation. The recipient must also have been in business for a minimum of three years, with their head office located in the Saskatoon region.

  • Black Ink Holdings Corp.
  • Dingwall Guitars Inc.
  • CRAVINGS baby-maternity-kids*
  • Watuko Headgear

Business of the Year (Sponsored by Edwards School of Business):
A business which has demonstrated excellence in the areas they consider key to their success. The winning business will have stated their critical success factors and clearly demonstrated how they have achieved meeting their goals for these factors. Size of the business is not a criterion.

  • Vendasta*
  • Brainsport
  • Envirotec Services Incorporated*
  • Crestline Coach Ltd.

See you at The Celebrate Success! Awards Gala
Thursday, May 19th, 2016
Prairieland Park
5:00PM - Cocktails     6:00PM - Dinner Seating


Two years ago, Oyvind Sparboe and Myron Jacobsen brought Reed Security to Prince Albert.
“We were long term employees at another security company and we saw first hand there was a lot of room for improvement.,” said Sparboe. “We looked at several partnership options and after careful screening, Reed Security and their $5 a month promo was clearly the best choice.”
You can feel at ease knowing your home, cabin or business is secure when you choose Reed Security as your security provider.  Solutions include Alarm Systems with 24-7 Monitoring, ReedHD™ Hi-Def Cameras you can view from your smartphone and Access Control swipe-card systems which control who goes where and when.
The one thing separating Reed Security from the rest is the commitment to providing Excellent Customer Service. Reed Security cares about building long-term relationships with their clients, going above and beyond before and after the sale. Some companies may take weeks to provide service, while Reed Security’s goal is by the next business day.
Jacobsen and Sparboe know one of the biggest benefits to having a monitored home security system, is it provides constant monitoring when you are unable to do so yourself. If you need to leave town for business or a vacation, they recommend putting your trust in Reed Security. Reed Security offers full monitoring and is a ULC listed company, which indicates a high standard of monitoring and installation. You can feel assured there will be a response to an emergency situation. Additionally, when you are away from your home or business you can use remote monitoring services. For example, ALARM.COM interactive services use 3G cell towers to connect your security system directly to your smartphone, tablet, or PC. No phone line is required.

“Today, your security system can provide you with a variety of notifications,” said Jacobsen.  “There are a lot of latch-key kids out there so now when the kids come home from school at four o’clock, or whenever, you can get a notification on your phone that lets you know the kids are home.”
Jacobsen and Sparboe want to inform potential customers that an alarm system can also provide additional protection to a variety of other factors including fire and carbon dioxide detection while preventing intruders and protecting valuables.
“A security system is not just used for security anymore,” said Jacobsen. “A lot of people think, ‘Oh, I will never get broken into.’ Well, you could still have a flood in your home, you could have a fire in your home or your furnace could quit.
“Today you can add to your security system a variety of sensors such as environmental sensors, low temp sensors, water sensors, smoke sensors and carbon dioxide sensors.”
An Anniversary Gift to You!
In celebration of Reed Security’s 15th Anniversary in Saskatoon and Second Anniversary in Prince Albert we would like to offer all new clients the following alarm promo: 

  • $99 activation (reg. $299) for all Switch Overs
  • $299 activation (reg. $599) for all New Installations
  • $5 a Month 24/7 Monitoring for the first year (after that it’s only $19.95)
  • Free low temperature sensor
  • Free ALARM.COM Interactive Services – for the first month
  • Professional Installation with Full System Test
  • Up to 25% Off Home Insurance – consult your broker
  • Expires November 30th, 2015

Our Clients:



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