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Take a Flyin' Leap

Posted by: Charissa, Janrod, Heidi, Colleen and Lara

No....we didn't flip the boss the bird....(that would get us fired!)....but we did tell him to take a flyin' leap off of Saskatoon's tallest building....(that won't get us fired!?!?).... to raise money for a great cause.

Reed Security Supports Camp Easter Seals
What makes this flyin' leap so interesting is that Virgil has a fear of heights.  Yes, Virgil is our team's fearless leader and is happy to lead his team into battle, but only if that battle takes place on the ground.
So in order to prepare Virgil for his repel off the Carlton Tower, we have been working with him in the office in an intense 'fear of heights boot camp' to conquer his fear of heights.  Our boot camp has been so successful that he no longer cries when he is required to climb a step ladder to change a light bulb....on an 8ft ceiling (we still keep the Kleenex close by just in case he has a regression).  We are very proud of his accomplishment and have no doubt that by August 25, 2014 he will be ready to take the leap off of the Carlton Tower.
But wait there is a catch, Virgil is only going to conquer his fear of heights if we are able to raise $1500 for Easter Seals by August 18, 2014. We don't want to see all of Virgil's super hero training on the step ladder be for nothing.
In keeping with the Easter Seals super heroes theme, Virgil will be doing the jump in costume.  Donations made in Virgil Reed's name over $20 will receive a signed photo of our very own SuperVirgil on jump day in full costume.  Costume suggestions are welcome with all donations. 
Whether you are able to donate or not please feel free to come join the events on August 25, 2014 and support a great cause.

PLUS: Reed Security will Match Your Donation until we reach our $1500 goal!
To send a deserving kid to camp and push Virgil off a building:

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Summer Security Tips

Social Media is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but don't forget it's very public. Thieves also like reading about your vacation plans and can often track down your address.

AVOID POSTING: "packing for the trip", "just got to lake", or "just landed", etc. 

Break'in's rarely occur when you are at home - so in addition to arming your Reed Security alarm system you will want to make it look like you are still there.

  • Cancel the newspaper
  • Have someone cut the grass and water your flowers
  • Have someone pick up your mail
  • Park an unused vehicle in the driveway
  • Install exterior motion lights (and make sure you test them)
  • Install timers for interior lights
  • Consider ALARM.COM Interactive Services. Control your lights, locks, blinds, temperature, and video cameras remotely

For even more helpful tips visit 

Did You Know: A monitored Reed Security alarm system with 24/7 Rapid Response Monitoring will decrease the odds of having a break-in by nearly 400%.

P.SThe first year is only $5 a Month 

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