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Congratulations to Myron Jacobsen and Thor Security Ltd. for being voted Best Home Alarm and Security Company in Prince Albert!

This is huge accomplishment and great way to celebrate their 10th Anniversary

Myron and his team protect hundreds of local homes, businesses, farms and lake properties. They are the local security pros you can trust. 


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                                CANADA'S MOST DANGEROUS (AND SAFEST) PLACES

                                Source: Statistics Canada

                                The Crime Severity Index (CSI) measures changes in the level of severity of crime in Canada from year to year that have been reported to the Police. In the index, all crimes are assigned a weight based on their seriousness. The level of seriousness is based on actual sentences handed down by the courts in all provinces and territories.


                                1. Lethbridge, 128.7
                                2. Kelowna, 122.3
                                3. Winnipeg, 113.6
                                4. Moncton, 113.4
                                5. Regina, 110.9
                                6. Saskatoon, 106
                                7. Thunder Bay, 101.3
                                8. Edmonton, 97.5
                                9. Greater Sudbury, 84.4
                                10. Vancouver, 81.6
                                11. London, 80.1
                                12. Kitchener–Cambridge–Waterloo, 79.4
                                13. Abbotsford–Mission, 78.2
                                14. Brantford, 75.7
                                15. Windsor, 74.8
                                16. Kingston, 72.8
                                17. Calgary, 72.3
                                18. Victoria, 71.5
                                19. Belleville, 69.3
                                20. St. John's, 67.9
                                21. Halifax, 65.7
                                22. Peterborough, 64.8
                                23. St. Catharines–Niagara, 62.1
                                24. Guelph, 58.2
                                25. Hamilton, 56.9
                                26. Montréal, 55.9
                                27. Saint John, 51.1
                                28. Sherbrooke, 50.9
                                29. Trois-Rivières, 50.6
                                30. Saguenay, 50
                                31. Gatineau, 49.6
                                32. Ottawa, 49.3
                                33. Barrie, 45.9
                                34. Toronto, 45.5

                                A number of Saskatchewan cities didn't make the list due to their size, but have some of the highest CSI scores in Canada.

                                For Saskatchewan communities above 10,000 population, North Battleford’s CSI topped the province again. It went up to 480.72, an increase of 11.89%. Its violent crime severity score was 518.42, down 7.46%. Non-violent crime severity was 466.02, up from 381.68.

                                Prince Albert again recorded a high CSI score of 263.44 and a violent crime severity of 413.51.

                                For other Saskatchewan communities, Moose Jaw’s CSI score was 127.17, Yorkton was 147.59, Estevan 91.13, Weyburn 77.34 and Swift Current 50.23

                                HOW DID THE PANDEMIC IMPACT CRIME?

                                The COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact Canada's economy, health care system and society in general throughout 2021, changing how people interact, socialize, learn, work and consume. Overall, while police-reported crime in Canada, as measured by the Crime Severity Index (CSI), was virtually unchanged in the second year of the pandemic, there were notable shifts in the nature of reported crimes.

                                The Violent CSI rose 5% in 2021, reaching a level higher than that before the beginning of the pandemic. The increase in violent crime compared with 2020 was attributable in part to higher rates of level 1 sexual assault, harassing and threatening behaviours, and homicide, among others.

                                Additionally, the number of hate-motivated crimes reported by police increased by 27% to 3,360 incidents. Higher numbers of hate crimes targeting religion, sexual orientation and race or ethnicity accounted for the majority of the increase.

                                In contrast, the Non-Violent CSI—which includes, for example, property offences and drug offences—continued to decline (-3%), after a 9% drop in 2020. These two consecutive decreases follow five years of increases. Much of the decline in 2021 was because of lower rates of breaking and entering (-10%) and theft of $5,000 or under (-4%).

                                The overall CSI changed from 73.9 in 2020 to 73.7 in 2021. This follows a 7% drop in the CSI in 2020, the first decrease after five years of successive increases. The CSI measures the volume and severity of police-reported crime in Canada and has a base index value of 100 for 2006. The police-reported crime rate, which measures only the volume of crime, was 5,375 incidents per 100,000 population in 2021, up 1% from 2020.

                                Police-reported metrics include only those incidents that come to the attention of police, either through reporting by the public or proactive policing. As a complementary measure, results from the 2019 General Social Survey (GSS) on Canadians' Safety (Victimization) showed that just under one-third (29%) of violent and non-violent incidents were reported to police. Similarly, just over one-fifth (22%) of incidents perceived to be motivated by hate were reported to police. 

                                SUMMER SECURITY TIPS 2022

                                Break-in's increase during the summer. Use our checklist to keep the odds in your favour.

                                ☐ 1. SHARE INFORMATION 

                                • Create a WhatsApp group and let your neighbours know if there is unusual activity or crime on your block.
                                • Join your local Neighbourhood Group on Facebook and learn about recent activities.
                                  eg: Stonebridge Neighbourhood Watch
                                • Share video and images from your doorbell camera or security cameras.
                                • Share information with the Police as it may help with an arrest.

                                ☐ 2. 
                                DO NOT ADVERTISE YOU ARE AWAY

                                • Ask all strangers for identification. The person who is “lost” and looking for directions could actually be a burglar checking to see if someone is home.
                                • DO NOT advertise on Facebook or Instagram that you are travelling. You may think you’re letting your friends and family know you’re having a great time, but people often forget to change their privacy settings. If you like to post photos - post them after you get back.

                                ☐ 3. KEEP YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS LOCKED

                                • Many burglars go door to door looking for targets that forgot to lock their front doors and car doors. Make sure all doors and windows are locked.
                                • If you lose a key get the locks changed.
                                • A better alternative is to eliminate keys altogether by installing an smart lock with built in keypad.
                                • Install monitored door and window sensors.
                                • When your security system is "armed" an instant alert is sent to your smartphone and our 24/7 Monitoring Stations
                                • Some properties may require security roll shutters to keep intruders out


                                ☐ 4. GET PROPER LIGHTING 

                                • Burglars target unoccupied homes so keep your home well lit at night.
                                • Install exterior motion lights that turn on when there is movement.
                                • Install timers that turn lights, radios and televisions on at different times. This gives the appearance that someone is home. 
                                • A better option is to install smart lights and smart appliance modules and setup on an alternating schedules.

                                ☐ 5. INSTALL A SMART SECURITY SYSTEM

                                • $0 Smart Security packages range from $39.95/mo. to $79.95/mo. 
                                • Protection against intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, flood, low temperature and more
                                • No phone line required
                                • smartphone and desktop apps
                                • Includes 24/7 professional monitoring - our team is standing by
                                • 400% less likely to have a break-in
                                • Up to 20% of homeowners insurance - consult your insurance broker

                                ☐ 6. 
                                INSTALL SMART CAMERAS

                                • Check on your property from Anywhere
                                • Get instant alerts when a person is at your property
                                • All events are recorded and can be used as evidence
                                • Secure your entire property in color 24/7 with our $0 ColorVu Camera Sale 


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                                HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

                                A Real Mom:
                                Emotional, yet a rock.
                                Tired, but keeps going.
                                Worried, but full of hope.
                                Impatient, yet patient.
                                Overwhelmed, but never quits.
                                Amazing, even though doubted.
                                Wonderful, even in chaos.
                                Life Changer, every single day.
                                -Rachel Martin

                                TOUCHLESS VIDEO DOORBELL SALE!
                                Whether you’re on the go, at work, or on the couch, you’ll always know when someone’s at your door - even when they don’t ring the bell.

                                Our doorbell’s exclusive touchless technology recognizes when a person stands in a dedicated safe space, like your doormat. Once a person is detected, the doorbell immediately triggers the existing chime in your home, sends you a mobile alert and starts recording a video clip.

                                See and hear who's at the door

                                You can see who’s at the door instantly by opening your doorbell’s live video feed. Its HD vision, HDR and night vision technology ensure you’ll have a clear view while you talk to your visitor over two-way audio.

                                $99 Installed + $16.95/month
                                Get 4 months *FREE!
                                expires May 31st

                                SMART SECURITY SALE!

                                Our professionally installed Smart Home Security solutions are controlled from one single app.

                                Control your smart security system, locks, thermostat, lights, and security cameras from anywhere.

                                Get real-time instant notifications when the kids arrive home.

                                It's never been more affordable to Upgrade, Switch Over from a competitor or install a New system.

                                We take care of the up front costs, You take care of the small monthly fee.

                                $99 Installed + $42.99/month
                                Get 4 months *FREE!
                                expires May 31st

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                                SMART SECURITY SOLUTIONS FROM ISCWEST

                                We recently travelled to the ISCWEST Security Expo in search of cutting-edge security technology for our clients. We connected with our partners and explored emerging trends with Access Control, Alarm, Monitoring, Video Surveillance, Drones & Robotics, IT & IoT Security and Smart Home Solutions.

                                Check out these smart security solutions:


                                Above: Asylon DroneDog

                                Asylon’s DroneCore platform is built to power your security operations and manage advanced sensors, robotics, data, and mission sets. Combining aerial and ground security robot dogs enable both short and long-term operational success. Automate or operate the world’s most advanced security robots to create the most efficient and data-driven security operations center of the future.

                                Above: Virgil Reed, Rob Harman

                                AJAX Systems is a tech company from Ukraine. Technologies include radio communication, encryption and digital algorithms. AJAX can be easily expanded with entry, fire and flood detectors, as well as relays for managing electrical appliances remotely. You can purchase and add additional devices to the system individually. Detectors can be connected with a few taps in the mobile app.

                                Avigilon video, cloud and access control solutions seamlessly integrate across your entire video security system to provide you with the right information at the right time — so you can take decisive action.

                                Powered by advanced AI and video analytics they keep their technology simple and easy to use, letting you focus on what matters most.

                                StoneLock® GO from StoneLock, Inc. is an extremely fast and accurate infrared biometric facial recognition device. It is designed for access control applications providing instant, easy, and reliable verification of users. Combine StoneLock GO with EntraPass security management software and you have a solution that satisfies even the most stringent security applications looking to thwart common bad practices such as weak PINs, code sharing, propping doors open, etc.

                      ’s cloud-based access control combines intuitive user management with a seamless alarm and video integration. Whether you’re a small business with one door or a large multi-location operation with hundreds of doors, we’ve got you covered. Coming Soon: readers that allow you to unlock a door with your smartphone.

                      ’s cloud-managed video surveillance combines cloud storage, 24/7 health monitoring, and intelligent analytics to ensure footage is available when you need it most and can be easily found and shared. They released their new commercial grade Pro Series cameras.

                                Lock your room within seconds to prevent an active threat from entering your room with the IQ LockDown, Z-Wave Plus. This smart lock installs on a commercial door (inward or outward) with a standard 2-inch frame and works via Z-Wave technology. This allows for seamless integration into comprehensive modern smart security systems via Z-Wave functionality; and it provides teachers, administrators, and other office personnel quick access control for locking down doors and other access points using a Z-Wave controller, Z-Wave compatible keyfob, Z-Wave keypad, or other Z-Wave peripherals. You can even use your smartphone to unlock the IQ Lockdown using your Z-Wave controller's mobile app.

                                • Locks/unlocks commercial doors via Z-Wave within seconds
                                • Installs on top of a commercial door (inward or outward) with a 2" frame
                                • Can be manually unlocked using your hand
                                • 10x stronger than conventional locks
                                • Long-lasting internal rechargeable LiPo battery
                                • Made with military-grade materials with government-level encryption

                                Actuate's goal is to keep people safe in any environment, without compromising privacy. They build threat detection systems using computer vision software and artificial intelligence, turning any security camera into a smart camera. They aim to accelerate security response time and improve safety outcomes during crisis scenarios while giving organizations the ability to protect against more daily concerns like theft, overcrowding, and loitering.

                                NEED BETTER SECURITY? WE CAN HELP! 

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