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Reed Security’s design and installation teams recently met with the Saskatoon Police Service Break & Enter Unit. Thank you Det. Cst. Carter #574  and Det. Cst. Lorette #552 for collaborating with Reed to combat crime.


1. Video surveillance is the number one security tool the Police use when investigating a crime. Unfortunately, most security cameras are not mounted in locations that can help. A security camera mounted high up in the air overlooking the front of a building is great to partially identify a vehicle and markings, but would be difficult to identify a suspect from so far away.

Instead, mount cameras at Face Level approximately 5 feet from the ground to record the suspects face. Helpful locations for Face Level cameras are entrances. Dome cameras, height strip cameras or other hidden cameras are helpful.



2. Many break-in’s occur in the middle of the night when lighting is poor. Cameras with Infrared Illuminators (IR Nightvision) can see in the dark, but cause a ghosting effect when aimed at a person or license plate. Instead, ensure you have proper lighting at night or install REEDHD™ ColorVu cameras that see in color 24/7. 

Note: Recording license plates helps, but license plates are often stolen or the suspect is driving a stolen vehicle.

Deter crime before it happens by display warning signage that you have security cameras at your location. Large dogs are also a great deterrent. Most break in's occur when you are away from the premises - so make it look like you are there with proper lighting.  

4. When you watch TV do you have the audio muted? Video only tells part of the story. Doorbell cameras and select REEDHD™ cameras have built-in microphones. The Police can listen for names or other clues to identify suspects. Recording audio is legal in Saskatchewan and there are published guidelines to protect privacy in public buildings.

5. Another problem the Police run into is not enough storage on the local NVR recording device. 7-10 days isn’t enough. Minimum 30 days storage is recommended. This can be accomplished by adding hard drives to the network video recorder (NVR), reducing the frames per second, reducing the image quality and recording on motion instead of continuously. Always use surveillance grade hard drives or SD cards. Reed Security has a storage and network calculator that approximates how long you can record for before video is recycled. 

6. You can stop crime before it happens with Reed’s Virtual Guard Service. Our guards watch over cameras in real time to catch events as they happen. Intruders are identified, informed they are trespassing via loud speaker and asked to leave immediately. If they don’t leave we dispatch the Police immediately. Visually verified alarms receive the fastest Police response.

7. If you have experienced a break-in, ensure the area is left untouched so the Police can collect fingerprints. Ensure you communicate this to your staff and cleaners. Serial #’s are required to recover stolen goods – so make sure you document them.

8. When archiving an incident for the Police onto a USB stick, make sure you include a Video Player that can play exported video clips. Common video players are VSPlayer and VLCPlayer. If you have a REEDHD™ bundle we take care of this for you and archive the incident directly to cloud storage. The Police can access video directly from our cloud.

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Rob and Heather Fritz recently built a new home and wanted a smart home security system to protect their peace-of-mind


With Reed Security, Rob and Heather can stay connected to what’s happening back at home when meeting with clients, they’re on the road, running errands, or out walking their dogs.


With the Reed’s mobile apps, they can be alerted if someone is at their door, watch live HD video through their video doorbell or smart cameras, speak directly to visitors with two-way audio, unlock doors and control lights.


Heather Fritz is a top realtor in Saskatoon and region with Boyes Group Realty Inc. Her clients and their needs are her top priority and only recommends People that will look after you.


“Our friends and clients have Reed Security - we knew Reed was name we could trust. They’re local, easy to work with and the techs made sure we were comfortable”.


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Congratulations to Myron Jacobsen and Thor Security Ltd. for being voted Best Home Alarm and Security Company in Prince Albert!

This is huge accomplishment and great way to celebrate their 10th Anniversary

Myron and his team protect hundreds of local homes, businesses, farms and lake properties. They are the local security pros you can trust. 


  • Smart Home Security
  • Smart Business Alarms
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • REEDHD™ Video Surveillance
  • Virtual Guard Service
  • Access Control
  • Intercoms
  • Pro Installation
  • Expert Local Service


  • City of Prince Albert
  • YWCA
  • NAPA
  • Graham Construction
  • Anderson Motors
  • Carlton Honda
  • Market Tire
  • Christopherson Industrial
  • Carpet World
  • District of Lakeland
  • Medical Pharmacy
  • Super Service Plumbing
  • RNS Mechanical
  • East Hill Esso
  • MacKenzie Funeral Chapel
  • Madsen Fence
  • SOS Electrical

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                                DON'T LET THE GRINCH STEAL CHRISTMAS!

                                Use Reed Security's checklist to keep The Grinch away this holiday season.

                                ☐ 1. SHARE INFORMATION 

                                • Create a WhatsApp group and let your neighbours know if The Grinch has been in the area.
                                • Join your local Neighbourhood Group on Facebook and learn about recent activities.
                                  eg: Stonebridge Neighbourhood Watch
                                • Share video and images from your doorbell camera or security cameras.
                                • Share information with the Police as it may help with an arrest.

                                ☐ 2. DO NOT ADVERTISE YOU ARE AWAY

                                • Ask all strangers for identification. The person who is “lost” and looking for directions could actually be The Grinch checking to see if someone is home.
                                • DO NOT advertise on Facebook or Instagram that you are travelling. You may think you’re letting your friends and family know you’re having a great time, but people often forget to change their privacy settings. If you like to post photos - post them after you get back.

                                ☐ 3. LOCK YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS

                                • The Grinch targets unlocked doors - including vehicle doors. Make sure all doors and windows are locked.
                                • If you lose a key get the locks changed.
                                • A better alternative is to eliminate keys altogether by installing an smart lock with built in keypad.
                                • Install monitored door and window sensors.
                                • When your security system is "armed" an instant alert is sent to your smartphone and our 24/7 Monitoring Stations.
                                • Some properties may require security roll shutters to keep intruders out.

                                ☐ 4. KEEP THE LIGHTS ON 

                                • The Grinch targets unoccupied homes - so keep your home well lit at night.
                                • Install exterior motion lights that turn on when there is movement.
                                • Install timers to turn on lights, radios and televisions on at different times. This gives the appearance that someone is home. 
                                • A better option is to install smart lights and smart plug modules - setup on alternating schedules.

                                ☐ 5. INSTALL A SMART SECURITY SYSTEM

                                • $0 Smart Security systems range from $39.99 to $89.99 a month 
                                • Protection against intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, flood, low temperature and more...
                                • Elegant touch screen and hub for home automation devices
                                • Control with smartphone and desktop apps
                                • Includes 24/7 professional monitoring
                                • 400% less likely to have a break-in
                                • Up to 20% off homeowners insurance - consult your insurance company

                                ☐ 6. INSTALL SMART CAMERAS

                                • The Grinch avoids homes with outdoor security cameras
                                • Get instant alerts when The Grinch or a visitor is at your property
                                • Check on your property from Anywhere
                                • All events are recorded and can be used as evidence
                                • Secure your entire property in color 24/7 with our $0 ColorVu Camera Sale 


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                                It was an honor to attend the BHP Enchanted Forest Holiday Light tour opening ceremonies.

                                Reed Security is invested in our community and prioritizes giving back locally.

                                We sponsored the newest light display and the 2022 theme "I'll Be Home for Christmas".

                                To spread the holiday spirit amongst our clients we have a draw for vehicle passes. Odds are 1 in 4.

                                HOW TO ENTER THE DRAW FOR PASSES:

                                1. You get one ballot when you send us your name, phone number and address of the property that Reed Security is protecting. 

                                2. You get a bonus ballot when you send us a TESTIMONIAL we can use to impress others 😊

                                CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE DRAW

                                Draw Date:  December 1st, 2022.

                                Passes will be mailed shortly after.

                                Good Luck and Thank You for Supporting Local!

                                ***WINNERS ANNOUNCED***

                                Thank you to everyone who entered the draw and provided testimonials.

                                We really appreciate your praise!

                                Passes were mailed December 2nd, 2022.

                                And the winners are...

                                Dale Evacheski, Saskatoon

                                Darrell Drozd, Saskatoon

                                Fred Kwan          

                                Terisse Chartrand, Saskatoon

                                James Zwack, Saskatoon

                                Gary Maximuik, Saskatoon

                                Rebecca Uzelman, Saskatoon

                                Rosalind Arndt  

                                Deb Quayle        

                                Krystal Adamus-Lessard, Saskatoon

                                Craig Skaros, Saskatoon

                                Brian, Wallace, Saskatoon

                                Budi Ghani, Saskatoon

                                Bob Climenhaga, Saskatoon

                                Marj Rak, Saskatoon

                                Karen Miner, Saskatoon

                                John Semko, Saskatoon

                                Matt Loewen    

                                Mike Bartsch, Saskatoon

                                Paul Feraro, Saskatoon

                                Georgette Scherr, Saskatoon

                                Janice Wilkinson, Saskatoon

                                RM of Corman Park

                                Jaret Nelson, Prince Albert

                                Loren Sproat, Prince Albert

                                Trent & Michelle Edmonds, Saskatoon

                                Joe Kowbel, Saskatoon

                                Jay Chilliak, Saskatoon

                                Justin Coulson, Saskatoon

                                Tracey Rochon, Saskatoon

                                Dustin Hanson, Saskatoon

                                Phil Carverhill, Saskatoon

                                Matthew Bochek, Saskatoon 

                                George Wasyliw              

                                Greg & Deena Shyluk, Saskatoon

                                Eleanor Ladham, Saskatoon

                                Shayne Hardy, Prince Albert

                                Jennifer Draper, Saskatoon

                                Ken & Gwen Dueck, Saskatoon

                                Linda Boyer, Prince Albert

                                Brandy Ross, Saskatoon

                                Jenny Bone, Smeaton

                                Kayla Shirley, Saskatoon

                                Lisa Lybbert, Rosthern

                                Angela Gardiner, Saskatoon

                                Candace Leuschen          

                                Dana Shynkaruk, Dalmeny

                                Claire Mascho, Saskatoon

                                Gary Maximuik, Saskatoon

                                Sandro Bagsik, Saskatoon

                                St. Louis Parish  

                                Patti Cunningham            

                                Judy Mitchell, Saskatoon

                                Arnie & Brenda Berg, Saskatoon

                                Ian Hayes, Saskatoon

                                Lauren Leshchyshyn, Saskatoon

                                Catherine Steier, Saskatoon

                                Kenny Helgeson, Saskatoon

                                Leah Moxley-Teigrob, Saskatoon

                                Traci LaRose, Saskatoon

                                Harry VanLeusden, Saskatoon

                                Dean Trott, Saskatoon

                                Ken Malenfant  

                                Ron Luthi, Saskatoon

                                Shawn Letkeman, Saskatoon

                                Shannon Hosegood, Saskatoon

                                Rev. Amy Bunce, Saskatoon

                                Sonia Chrusch, Saskatoon

                                Lorea Eufemia, Saskatoon

                                Diana Maclean, Saskatoon

                                Dale Evacheski, Saskatoon

                                Rosalind Arndt, Saskatoon

                                Linda Alberts     

                                Desiree Hubbs, Saskatoon

                                Surajith Wanasundara, Saskatoon

                                Jeannine Zolinski, Saskatoon

                                Chelsa Wolfe, Prince Albert

                                Ron & Sylvia, Meakin     

                                Roberta Palen, Saskatoon

                                Lilian Fehr, Saskatoon

                                Denis Rasmussen, Saskatoon

                                Joanne Ridley, Saskatoon

                                Jenna-Rae Zulyniak, Saskatoon

                                Cam Lipinski       

                                Ken & Gwen Dueck, Saskatoon

                                Curtis Trumier,   Saskatoon

                                Jessica Yaworski, Saskatoon

                                Milton Thulien, Saskatoon

                                Mary-Lou Hazelwood, Saskatoon

                                Rhonda Laing, Saskatoon

                                Shirley Isbister, Saskatoon

                                Adam Elliott, Delisle

                                Trisha Girard, Saskatoon

                                Heather Henderson, Shell Lake

                                Anita & Flynn Skot, Corman Park

                                Todd Agen, Saskatoon

                                Erin & Kent Sackmann, Saskatoon

                                Cindy Parker, Warman

                                Terry Williams, Saskatoon

                                Lois Forrest, Saskatoon

                                Susan Thompson, Saskatoon

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