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The Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce announced the Finalist for the 2014 SABEX Awards.

Reed Security is a Finalist for the 2014 SABEX Customer Service Award. This is awarded to the business demonstrating exceptional customer service (wholesale and retail trade, purchasing and distribution, transportation, brokering, professional service, communications, and financial.)

"We love Delivering Happiness to our clients and we appreciate your business everyday."

Here's a complete listing of the Finalists:

Hall of Fame Inductee
     John Cross

Oslo Business for Peace Award Nominee
     Dr. Keith Downey

SABEX Community Involvement Award Finalists
     Neechie Gear Inc.
     Wiegers Financial & Benefits

SABEX Customer Service Award Finalists
     Fresh Living
     Reed Security
     Superior Cabinets
     The Willows Golf & Country Club

SABEX Growth & Expansion Award Finalists
     Go2Guys Developments Inc.
     Parr Auto Body
     Saskatoon Business College Ltd.

Strategic Alliance Award Finalists and Charity Partners
     Saskatchewan Blue Cross
     North Ridge Development Corporation

Award of Innovation

Community Leadership Award

SABEX Marketing Award Finalists
     Metric Design Centre
     S & E Trusted Online Directories Inc.
     Sleep Well Baby

SABEX New Business Venture Award Finalists
     NICS Ltd.
     Triumph Construction
     Wood's Body Goods
     W Bridals Inc.

SABEX New Product and/or Service Award Finalists
     My Custom Cake Topper
     S & E Trusted Online Directories Inc.
     Three Farmers Products
     W Bridals Inc.

SABEX Small Business of the Year Award Finalists
     Innovative Heating & Cooling Ltd.
     Prairie Wild Consulting Co.
     Push Interactions (formerly CollegeMobile)

SABEX Business of the Year Award Finalists
     IRC Innovative Rehabilitation Consultants
     Superior Cabinets
     The Park Town Hotel



Consumer Warning

It's that time of year when you will be getting pressured by door to door salespeople. They would like to sign you up to "limited time offer" that expires "right away". And before you know you know it you're on the hook for thousands of dollars. (This happens several thousand times each year).

The Pressure:

  • Sales person won't leave even when you tell them to "Leave"
  • Sales person won't leave when you tell them "No Thanks"
  • Sales person won't leave when you say "I Already Have Your Products or Service"
  • Sales person name drops the name of your neighbor and makes it sound like "they signed up" or "they bought one" or "they referred me to you"
  • Sales person comes to the house more than once

The Solutions:

  1. Put Up Your Hand and "Say NO". Immediately close the door and the sales person will eventually leave.
  2. Tell them "You are Trespassing" and that you will call the BBB Better Business Bureau, Consumer Protection Branch and the Police if they do not leave.

    BBB   1-888-352-7601
    Consumer Protection   1-877-880-5550 
    Saskatoon Police   
    (306) 975-8300 
    RCMP (Saskatoon)   (306) 975-5173
    or call your Local Detachment

  3. Always Get 3 Quotes for whatever you consider purchasing. This gives you the time to gather information and to check if the "deal" being presented to you is the best option.
  4. Never Accept Quick Delivery of a product or service. This gives you a cooling off period and more time to gather facts.
  5. If you did proceed with the offer You Have 10 Days to Change Your Mind and CANCEL (and get a full refund). It's the Law in Saskatchewan.
  6. Don't Forget - You may already be in a contract for the products or services being offered to you.
If you would like more information on how Reed Security can help you or customize a security solution for you Click Here


We recently traveled to Las Vegas and heard the Zappos culture was similar to Reed Security. We had to see it for ourselves.

CLICK HERE to see the Zappos culture for yourself. All the photos we took were taken with permission and encouraged to share.

This billion dollar online retailer has grown by making awesome customer service their culture and it all starts with looking after your staff.

Here are the Zappos Core Values:

1. Deliver WOW Through Service

2. Embrace and Drive Change

3. Create Fun and A Little Weirdness

4. Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded

5. Pursue Growth and Learning

6. Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication

7. Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

8. Do More With Less

9. Be Passionate and Determined 

10. Be Humble





Many existing alarm systems rely on traditional phone lines to send alarm signals to our 24/7 Monitoring Stations. We see a trend that 1 in 4 homeowners no longer have home phone lines and instead only use their cell phones.

With today's affordable cell phone service, a home phone line is no longer a necessity and an easy way to save some cash. In fact, you can SAVE $30 every month depending on your home phone provider.


If you DO NOT have home phone service:

  • your alarm system is unable to send signals
  • your alarm system is no longer monitored
  • you must notify your insurance company
  • you no longer receive 10% to 25% insurance discounts
  • ALARM.COM by Reed Security uses GSM/3G cell phone towers to send wireless emergency signals to our 24/7 Monitoring Stations
  • An ALARM.COM GSM/3G radio can be added to most modern alarm systems. We have some great deals if you need to upgrade.
  • ALARM.COM Packages start at $17.95/mo. and includes the GSM/3G radio and service (this is an additional price to your base monitoring fees)
  • This is half price compared to what you would pay for home phone service
  • You still receive your 10% to 25% insurance discounts
  • Mobile Apps to Control your alarm system with your phone or PC - including arming/disarming
  • Control your Thermostat, Lights, Locks, Garage Doors, Blinds and more...
  • Get email or text message Instant Notifications such as your child arriving home
  • Live Video Camera Monitoring

Whether you already have an alarm system with another company and would like to a SWITCH & SAVE or would like to arrange for a NEW INSTALLATION, all new clients are eligible for a *FREE UPGRADE to Simon XTi alarm system.

PLUS: You also qualify for our $5 a Month Monitoring Promo 

For more information and or to speak with a Security Consultant Click Here or call us:

Prince Albert   306.922.7200
Saskatoon       306.653.3200



Video Analytics is a generic term used to describe computerized processing and analysis of video streams and is used for a variety of tasks. Video Analytics automatically monitors ReedHD Smart Cameras and sends you real time alerts of pre-defined events. Instead of waiting passively, you can now TAKE ACTION.

ReedHD Smart Cameras:

  • Provide advanced detection and real time alerts - Actively fight crime
  • Provide business intelligence - Customer experience, staffing and traffic counts
  • Quickly pay for themselves Are less costly than private security guards - Do the math. How much do you spend per month for private security guards? Can the costs be reduced by implementing ReedHD Smart Cameras? You may consider using both.
  • Are less costly and lower maintenance than dogs - Dogs are a great deterrent. They're also messy and can be easily overcome with poison.
  • Are less costly and more effective than relying on a human operator - Various research studies and real-life incidents indicate that an average human operator of a surveillance system, tasked with observing video screens, cannot remain alert and attentive for more than 20 minutes. Moreover, the operator’s ability to monitor the video and effectively respond to events is significantly compromised as time goes by.
  • Work with PC, iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets

ReedHD Smart Cameras Can Identify:

  • Penetration of Unauthorized People / Vehicles into restricted areas
  • Tailgating of People / Vehicles through secure checkpoints
  • Traffic Obstacles Unattended Objects Vehicles stopped in no-parking zones, highways or roads Removal of Assets
  • Crowding or Grouping Loitering
  • Smoke and Fire Video Management

Software and Apps

  • See Live Video Cameras Immediately review and respond to events detected by ReedHD Smart Cameras
  • Easily manage your cameras and setup rules
  • Search by time, camera groups, rule violation type, object type, etc.
  • May work with your existing video cameras 


Actively Do Something About It

  • Once an event is detected by ReedHD Smart Cameras it's time to take charge.
  • You can make a difference 80% of the time with the following added measures:

One Way Talk Down - Loudspeakers are installed at the premises. You can talk down to the premises from your smartphone. "HEY - YOU IN THE BLACK JACKET. YOU HAVE BEEN DETECTED. THE POLICE HAVE BEEN DISPATCHED. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY" "YOUR FACE IS BEING RECORDED IN HIGH DEFINITION"

2 Way Talk Down - Same as One Way, but with a microphone added to the premises. Great for after hours at car dealerships or unattended premises.

Sirens - You can activate external sirens to make unwanted visitors leave.

Flashing Strobe Lights - You can activate flashing lights to make unwanted visitors leave.

24/7 Video Verification Packages...$99/mo.

For increased protection we highly recommend that ReedHD Smart Camera alerts be sent to our 24/7 Rapid Response Monitoring Stations. A professionally trained live operator will log into your cameras, perform a look-in and decide if a problem exists. We can *talk down to the site to actively deter crime, alert you and dispatch the proper authorities.

*Monthly charges apply for all video verification packages
*Requires talk down option





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