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It's been an exciting few weeks since we launched the BHP Enchanted Forest Car Pass Giveaway. 

To show our appreciation for your trust in Reed Security, we offered 100 enchanted car passes. 

Thank You for the 300+ testimonials we received this year! 

All car passes were mailed out on December 1st, 2023.

And the winners are...

Patrick Powalinsky, Warman

Brittany Cooke, Saskatoon

Tommy Jobb, Prince Albert 

Sharmila Ahuja, Saskatoon 

Hilary Colborne, Saskatoon

Prerna, Saskatoon 

Chris Regier, Saskatoon 

Cam Lipinski, Saskatoon

Mark Naylor, Saskatoon

Ryan Fung, Saskatoon

Aurelie Poelzer, Saskatoon 

Sheldon Hein, Saskatoon 

Tammi Kalin, Saskatoon

James Azevedo, Shellbrook

James Zwack, Saskatoon

Lyn Ronald, Saskatoon

Ken Fisher, Emma Lake 

Rhonda Meakin, Prince Albert

Glenda Peters, Prince Albert

Jessica Pearson, Martensville

Mike & Colleen Sellar, Saskatoon

Kent England, Saskatoon

Stacey Maga, Saskatoon

Lesia Brockman, Saskatoon

Alex Campbell, Prince Albert 

Scot Johnson, Saskatoon

Desiree Hubbs, Saskatoon 

Ron & Sylvia Meakin, Langham

Maria Bartolome, Saskatoon 

Tracy Kozak, Saskatoon

Ryan Bill, Saskatoon

Natasha Evoy, Saskatoon 

Marlene Millsap, Wakaw

Ivan Peever, Saskatoon

Stacey Slater, Prince Albert

Hasin Ahmed, Saskatoon

Jenny Bone, Smeaton

Charlene Fineday, Saskatoon 

Corrie Hession-Davidson, Saskatoon

Jackie Given, Prince Albert

Erin Jabusch (Maliteare), Saskatoon 

Steaphen Schmidt, Mildred 

Melissa Grayson, Prince Albert 

Raymond Daschner, Saskatoon 

Kali Frank, Saskatoon

Danielle Wiser, Prince Albert

Debbie Buchan - Taiso Gymnastics Club, Saskatoon

Bonnie Hradec-Neuert, Saskatoon 

Emily Coupal, Saskatoon

Matthew Toon, Prince Albert

Darcy Folk, Saskatoon

John Stauffer, Christopher Lake

Karen Phillips, Saskatoon

Kelvin Lindskog, Prince Albert 

Ann Murphy, Saskatoon

Shelly Delorme, Saskatoon

Nathan Grimard, Saskatoon

Chenoa Wilson, Saskatoon 

Sarabjeet Singh, Saskatoon 

Trent Perehudoff, Saskatoon

Budi Ghani, Saskatoon

Barb Wohlford, Saskatoon 

Harry Van Leusden, Saskatoon 

Dhawn Scherr, Saskatoon

Mark Magnus, Saskatoon

Dolores Kraft, Saskatoon

Susan Thompson, Saskatoon 

Corinne Korchinski-Fisher, Saskatoon

Patty & Kerry Fuchs, Saskatoon 

Troy Kerluke, Saskatoon 

Craig Skaros, Saskatoon

Rick Kindrachuk, Wakaw

Bernice & Jim Tratch, Saskatoon 

Barb Reid, Prince Albert

Joanne Stack, Saskatoon

Syed Yusuf, Saskatoon 

Christian Gleisberg, Warman

Julianna Radcliffe, Saskatoon

Lindsey Gerwing, Saskatoon

Deb Wiegers, Saskatoon

Sheila Reddekopp, Saskatoon

Bonnie Marcoux, Saskatoon

Rob Greer, Saskatoon

Kelly Wist, Saskatoon 

Ashley Cates, Martensville 

Kaitlyn Jackson, Saskatoon

Chelsa Wolfe, Prince Albert

Baharudin Setiawan, Saskatoon

Patience Woodman, Saskatoon 

Renae Frenchman, Saskatoon 

Leslie Norton, Saskatoon 

Sajna S, Saskatoon 

Subbiah Shanmugam, Saskatoon

Danielle Wiser, Prince Albert

Raeanne Detillieux, Prince Albert 

Geoff Cole, Saskatoon

Rowena Dimaguila, Saskatoon 

Ray Goodwin, Saskatoon

Laurie Schwan, Saskatoon

David and Laura Raffey, Saskatoon

Have a Safe and Happy Holidays!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Team @ Reed Security


Light Up Your Holidays with Reed Security and the Enchanted Forest!

As the holiday season approaches, Reed Security is excited to bring you an exclusive opportunity to experience the magical BHP Enchanted Forest Holiday Light Tour in Saskatoon.

This event is more than just a light show; it's a community tradition that brings joy and wonder to the holiday season. As a company deeply rooted in the community, Reed Security is proud to support and participate in local events that bring people together.

We're giving 100 vehicle passes to our clients to say "Thank You for supporting Reed Security!" Odds are 1 in 4.

How to enter the draw

1. You get one ballot when you send us your name, phone number and address of the property that Reed Security protects. 

2. You get a bonus ballot when you send us a TESTIMONIAL we can use to impress others 😊

Click here to enter the draw

Draw Date:  December 1st, 2023

Winners list will be published and passes will be mailed shortly after.

Good Luck and Thank You for Supporting Local!


In a remarkable feat of dedication and skill, the Reed Security customer support team has achieved a commendable milestone: 100% positive customer reviews for the entire month of October 2023.

This is a HUGE accomplishment considering Reed Security protects thousands of businesses and homes across three provinces!  

Congratulations Nolan, Devin, Mike, Lesli and Garrett on providing excellent customer service! You consistently go above and beyond to ensure every client interaction is positive, productive, and problem-solving.

Here's what Reed Security client's are saying:

"Service is always awesome with Devin, keep up the great work!" - Melissa S.

"Technician Mike was very good. Very professional." -Art G.

"Super support and help with different options to solve the problem." -Ron C.

"Lesli provided quick and efficient service. Thanks again!" -Shawn

"Great job on communication and finding out what caused the problem." -Sara

"Garrett was efficient, fast, helpful!" - Rae P.

"Thank you for your help and support." - Linda K.

"Very knowledgeable and friendly. Was a pleasure having you come out." Ron B.

As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for Reed Security’s customer support team. Their dedication sets a high bar not only within the company, but for customer service standards industry-wide.


Most insurance companies require your home to be 
checked every 24 hours when you are travelling - due to the high risk of damage and paying out claims.

Many insurance companies will accept monitored environmental devices connected to a home security system as an alternative. You may also qualify for an insurance premium discount.    

Before leaving for an extended trip, contact your insurance agent or company to understand their specific requirements and recommendations.

Reed Security's most popular, insurance approved added protection are:

Low temperature protection...$3/month per sensor

Drops in temperature can occur when your furnace or boiler breaks down in our cold winters. 

Installing a low temperature sensor can prevent frozen pipes. If the temperature in your home drops significantly, there's a risk water pipes can freeze. Frozen pipes can burst, leading to expensive water damage.

When the temperature drops to 7 degrees Celsius you receive instant alerts to your smartphone and Reed Security's monitoring team will notify your call list. Take action before there is greater damage and costs.

Reed Recommends: install monitored low temperature sensors near the furnace or boiler as well as on each floor

Flood protection
...$4/month per sensor

Flooding can occur after heavy rains, spring melting, sump pump failure, sewer backup, water pipes bursting, broken appliances, bathtubs overflowing and more. 

Installing a monitored flood sensor provides early detection in areas with pooled water. Y
ou receive instant alerts to your smartphone and Reed Security's monitoring team will notify your call list. Take action before there is greater damage and costs.
Reed Recommends: install monitored flood sensors at low points where water is likely to pool - basement storage rooms, sump pit, and laundry area. Consider installing a smart water shutoff to turn the water off when a leak is detected.

Fire protection
...$4/month per sensor

The top 5 causes of house fires are: 1) cooking; 2) heating; 3) electrical; 4) smoking; 5) candles 

Installing monitored smoke sensors can save lives. Unlike traditional smoke alarms that only sound within a home, monitored smoke sensors are connected to Reed Security's 24/7 Monitoring Stations - operators will immediately dispatch the Fire Department.  

Reed Recommends: install monitored smoke sensors in bedrooms, hallways and common areas on each level of your home; do not install in kitchens or garages due to the potential of false alarms

Ready to take the next step?

Reach out to us today at 306.653.3200 or visit our website at to inquire about adding 
low temperature, flood or fire protection to your home or business


The back-to-school season is in full swing! As your little scholars return to the classroom, it’s essential to ensure the nest they come back to is safe and secure.

Reed Security takes the responsibility of protecting your home seriously. Use these 7 pro tips to increase your home security and safety as the school year kicks off.

1. Test your alarm system

Did you recently cancel your home phone line? If so, you may no longer be connected to Reed Security's 24/7 Monitoring Stations (and no longer have Guard, Police, and Fire dispatch).

Visit our 
Self Care site and type in "test" into the search bar for instructions. 

2.  Upgrade to a smart security system

As your kids return to school, there's no better time to review your home security measures. A smart security system not only protects against intruders, but can also notify you of hazards like fires or floods.

Consider installing:

Smart Door Lock: Never worry about losing keys. Our door locks have built-in keypads and can alert you when your child arrives home. Lock/unlock doors with our mobile app. 

Smart Doorbell Camera: Get an alert when a visitor approaches or rings your video doorbell. See and speak to visitors, from anywhere.

Smart Home Hub: The IQ Panel 4 replaces your existing alarm system. Comes with an elegant HD touchscreen, hacker protection and ultra fast LTE signaling to our monitoring stations.

3. Setup schedules

With the hustle and bustle of school routines, it's easy to forget to lock doors or arm the security system. By setting up schedules through the Reed Security mobile app, you can automate these tasks to ensure your home remains secure even in the midst of morning chaos.

For example, you can setup your alarm to auto-arm at 11pm (if it hasn't already been armed) or 9am after the kids have gone to school.

4. Establish a safe room

Designate a "safe room" aka a panic room in your home where your children can go in case of emergencies.

A safe room should have a solid core metal or wood door, a deadbolt lock and no windows. You can modify a closet or an are within your basement.   

Equip this area with essential supplies, including a first-aid kit, a list of emergency contacts, and a device to call 9-1-1.

Consider installing a keypad or panic button in your safe zone to notify the Police that you need help. 

5. Teach safety principals

Educate your children about the basics of home safety:

Stranger Awareness: Teach them not to open doors to strangers, no matter how friendly they seem.

Emergency Numbers: Ensure your children know how to dial emergency numbers and what information to provide.

Safe Routes: Discuss the safest routes to and from school and the importance of staying on the designated paths.

6. Share with neighbours

Encourage a neighborhood watch program where you and your neighbors look out for each other’s properties. Creating a community of vigilance can significantly enhance security.

Share info. via text messaging or WhatsApp and post videos on Facebook.

7. Light up the perimeter

Ensure the external areas of your home are well-illuminated to deter potential intruders. Install motion-sensor lights and trim shrubs to remove potential hiding spots.

Back-to-school time is a season of transition. As you navigate the new schedules and routines, let Reed Security provide peace of mind by safeguarding your home. With cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service, we are committed to keeping your nest secure as your young ones head back to school.

REED personalizes security solutions for your needs and budget.

Contact Us today for a FREE QUOTE for your Home or Business.

306.653.3200 or 1.844.384.7233

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