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ARemembrance Day approaches, it is a time of reflection and commemoration. At Reed Security, we hold the stories of our veterans close to our hearts and believe in the importance of remembering and honoring their sacrifices and those that continue to serve.

In partnership with The Royal Canadian Legion, we are committed to keeping the memory of our veterans alive. Here are meaningful ways we encourage you, our valued clients, to join us in remembering:

1. Say "Thank You": Take a moment to thank a veteran. A simple gesture of gratitude can mean the world to someone who has served.

2. Wear a PoppyThe poppy is a symbol of remembrance. By wearing it, you pay tribute to the fallen and support the living veterans and their families.

3. Attend Remembrance Ceremonies: Join us at local ceremonies or virtual events organized by The Royal Canadian Legion to honor those who have given their lives for peace and freedom.

4. Pause for Two Minutes of Silence: At the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, we observe two minutes of silence to remember.

5. Share Stories of Remembrance: Encourage dialogue within your families and communities. Share stories of sacrifice and service to ensure they are never forgotten.

6. Teach Our Children the Importance of Remembrance: Pass on the torch of remembrance to younger generations, so the legacy of our veterans endures.

7. Support the Poppy Campaign: Contributions to the Poppy Campaign directly support veterans and their families.

We proudly support the initiatives led by 
The Royal Canadian Legion. We encourage you to visit their website at to learn more about how you can honor our heroes.

We remember.

Reed Security is closed on Monday, November 13th in honor of Remembrance Day.


The back-to-school season is in full swing! As your little scholars return to the classroom, it’s essential to ensure the nest they come back to is safe and secure.

Reed Security takes the responsibility of protecting your home seriously. Use these 7 pro tips to increase your home security and safety as the school year kicks off.

1. Test your alarm system

Did you recently cancel your home phone line? If so, you may no longer be connected to Reed Security's 24/7 Monitoring Stations (and no longer have Guard, Police, and Fire dispatch).

Visit our 
Self Care site and type in "test" into the search bar for instructions. 

2.  Upgrade to a smart security system

As your kids return to school, there's no better time to review your home security measures. A smart security system not only protects against intruders, but can also notify you of hazards like fires or floods.

Consider installing:

Smart Door Lock: Never worry about losing keys. Our door locks have built-in keypads and can alert you when your child arrives home. Lock/unlock doors with our mobile app. 

Smart Doorbell Camera: Get an alert when a visitor approaches or rings your video doorbell. See and speak to visitors, from anywhere.

Smart Home Hub: The IQ Panel 4 replaces your existing alarm system. Comes with an elegant HD touchscreen, hacker protection and ultra fast LTE signaling to our monitoring stations.

3. Setup schedules

With the hustle and bustle of school routines, it's easy to forget to lock doors or arm the security system. By setting up schedules through the Reed Security mobile app, you can automate these tasks to ensure your home remains secure even in the midst of morning chaos.

For example, you can setup your alarm to auto-arm at 11pm (if it hasn't already been armed) or 9am after the kids have gone to school.

4. Establish a safe room

Designate a "safe room" aka a panic room in your home where your children can go in case of emergencies.

A safe room should have a solid core metal or wood door, a deadbolt lock and no windows. You can modify a closet or an are within your basement.   

Equip this area with essential supplies, including a first-aid kit, a list of emergency contacts, and a device to call 9-1-1.

Consider installing a keypad or panic button in your safe zone to notify the Police that you need help. 

5. Teach safety principals

Educate your children about the basics of home safety:

Stranger Awareness: Teach them not to open doors to strangers, no matter how friendly they seem.

Emergency Numbers: Ensure your children know how to dial emergency numbers and what information to provide.

Safe Routes: Discuss the safest routes to and from school and the importance of staying on the designated paths.

6. Share with neighbours

Encourage a neighborhood watch program where you and your neighbors look out for each other’s properties. Creating a community of vigilance can significantly enhance security.

Share info. via text messaging or WhatsApp and post videos on Facebook.

7. Light up the perimeter

Ensure the external areas of your home are well-illuminated to deter potential intruders. Install motion-sensor lights and trim shrubs to remove potential hiding spots.

Back-to-school time is a season of transition. As you navigate the new schedules and routines, let Reed Security provide peace of mind by safeguarding your home. With cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service, we are committed to keeping your nest secure as your young ones head back to school.

REED personalizes security solutions for your needs and budget.

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Every year 20,000 Security Geeks (Experts) attend ISCWEST to learn about cutting-edge crime fighting technology, latest trends and connect with our security industry friends.

Would you rather deal with a security company that invests in themselves (and You) or one that coasts?

BTW - This is the 16th year Reed Security has attended ISCWEST!

Our connected property partner,, announced the Water Dragon Smart Leak Detection System.

The Water Dragon is a single compact device that uses ultrasonic technology to detect and promptly alert homeowners about water issues before they become major problems. 

Homeowners can also use the app to monitor water usage trends for the day, week, and month, which can help them conserve water and save on utility bills.

We connected with our 24/7 Monitoring partner, AvantGuard, to learn more about tools they recently implemented to give our clients an even better Customer Experience. Tools include new monitoring software, apps and a dashboard.

The parent company, Becklar, also showcased WorkerSafety Pro. This lone worker solution requires regular check-ins and will notify a call list during an emergency.

Whether it’s an environmental, health, or social risk, WorkerSafety Pro provides the most comprehensive and customizable solution for the iPhone and Apple Watch today.

We found a MUST HAVE solution to detect teenagers vaping in school washrooms.

Triton smart sensors monitor your bathrooms 24/7 so you don’t have to. When an incident is detected, get an instant alert to take action quickly.

3D Sense can detect real time vaping of all vaped or smoked Nicotine and THC. 

3D Sense Pro can also detect keywords such as "Help", "Stop" and "Gun".

Need Remote Video Monitoring? Don't have reliable power? Don't have internet?

Mobile Pro Systems manufactures creative mobile surveillance systems for real-time monitoring in nearly any environment.

Add Reed Security's Virtual Guard Service to Intervene before a crime takes place.



This is the exact thought we had when we stopped by the Shooter Detection Systems booth.

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System incorporates the world’s finest acoustic gunshot identification software and combines it with infrared gunfire flash detection to produce the highest performing, fully automatic, and most accurate gunshot detection technology available today.

The Guardian System is certified by US and UK Government authorities and trusted by our customers in corporate, school, government, and other private and public venues across the globe and comes in wireless and PoE sensor solutions to fit every building design.

Our partner, Qolsys, had the MOST smart features of any security and automation system at the show. Control it all from a touchscreen or from apps.

Coming Soon: IQ Pro and IQ Pro+ for large commercial facilities.

We stopped by the AJAX Systems booth to learn about their smart home and business platform. The company is based in Ukraine and have relocated their production to a safer area that hasn't been as impacted by the War.  

The products look beautiful, they have best in class wireless range (up to 2km) and the app is easy to use.

We ordered a demo kit to test it out. Bat sold separately.

Our partner, Avigilon, introduced Avigilon Unity on-premise and Avigilon Alta cloud security suites. 

Whether you want to manage your video surveillance and access control systems directly or outsource management by moving to the cloud — this is powerful AI enabled technology!

REED personalizes security solutions for your needs and budget.

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Reed Security’s design and installation teams recently met with the Saskatoon Police Service Break & Enter Unit. Thank you Det. Cst. Carter #574  and Det. Cst. Lorette #552 for collaborating with Reed to combat crime.


1. Video surveillance is the number one security tool the Police use when investigating a crime. Unfortunately, most security cameras are not mounted in locations that can help. A security camera mounted high up in the air overlooking the front of a building is great to partially identify a vehicle and markings, but would be difficult to identify a suspect from so far away.

Instead, mount cameras at Face Level approximately 5 feet from the ground to record the suspects face. Helpful locations for Face Level cameras are entrances. Dome cameras, height strip cameras or other hidden cameras are helpful.



2. Many break-in’s occur in the middle of the night when lighting is poor. Cameras with Infrared Illuminators (IR Nightvision) can see in the dark, but cause a ghosting effect when aimed at a person or license plate. Instead, ensure you have proper lighting at night or install REEDHD™ ColorVu cameras that see in color 24/7. 

Note: Recording license plates helps, but license plates are often stolen or the suspect is driving a stolen vehicle.

Deter crime before it happens by display warning signage that you have security cameras at your location. Large dogs are also a great deterrent. Most break in's occur when you are away from the premises - so make it look like you are there with proper lighting.  

4. When you watch TV do you have the audio muted? Video only tells part of the story. Doorbell cameras and select REEDHD™ cameras have built-in microphones. The Police can listen for names or other clues to identify suspects. Recording audio is legal in Saskatchewan and there are published guidelines to protect privacy in public buildings.

5. Another problem the Police run into is not enough storage on the local NVR recording device. 7-10 days isn’t enough. Minimum 30 days storage is recommended. This can be accomplished by adding hard drives to the network video recorder (NVR), reducing the frames per second, reducing the image quality and recording on motion instead of continuously. Always use surveillance grade hard drives or SD cards. Reed Security has a storage and network calculator that approximates how long you can record for before video is recycled. 

6. You can stop crime before it happens with Reed’s Virtual Guard Service. Our guards watch over cameras in real time to catch events as they happen. Intruders are identified, informed they are trespassing via loud speaker and asked to leave immediately. If they don’t leave we dispatch the Police immediately. Visually verified alarms receive the fastest Police response.

7. If you have experienced a break-in, ensure the area is left untouched so the Police can collect fingerprints. Ensure you communicate this to your staff and cleaners. Serial #’s are required to recover stolen goods – so make sure you document them.

8. When archiving an incident for the Police onto a USB stick, make sure you include a Video Player that can play exported video clips. Common video players are VSPlayer and VLCPlayer. If you have a REEDHD™ bundle we take care of this for you and archive the incident directly to cloud storage. The Police can access video directly from our cloud.

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Rob and Heather Fritz recently built a new home and wanted a smart home security system to protect their peace-of-mind


With Reed Security, Rob and Heather can stay connected to what’s happening back at home when meeting with clients, they’re on the road, running errands, or out walking their dogs.


With the Reed’s mobile apps, they can be alerted if someone is at their door, watch live HD video through their video doorbell or smart cameras, speak directly to visitors with two-way audio, unlock doors and control lights.


Heather Fritz is a top realtor in Saskatoon and region with Boyes Group Realty Inc. Her clients and their needs are her top priority and only recommends People that will look after you.


“Our friends and clients have Reed Security - we knew Reed was name we could trust. They’re local, easy to work with and the techs made sure we were comfortable”.


Contact REED today for a FREE QUOTE for your Home or Business.


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