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It's our 5th Anniversary in Prince Albert! To celebrate we're giving away a *FREE ReedHD 3MP Dome security camera with all new Business packages ordered in the month of October. Some conditions apply.


  • $0 Up Front Cost for Equipment
  • $0 Up Front Cost for Professional Installation
  • 3 + 1 = 4 HD security cameras with 100 feet NightVision
  • 1080p HD 24" Monitor
  • 24/7 recording of all activities; providing evidence for the POLICE
  • Warning Signs and Decals
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad, MAC, Android, and PC
  • 5 year parts warranty, 1 year labour warranty
only $62.95 a month O.A.C

Additional security camera packages are available.

Contact our office today 306.922.7200 for full details or to arrange a FREE Security Evaluation.


-Not available at all locations - Prince Albert Authorized Dealer only. 
-60 month lease on approved credit. 
-Residential not eligible. 


Property that has two or more tenants is considered a 
multi-tenant property. This could be retail, industrial, office, condominium or an apartment building. Managing the security systems of multi-tenant properties can be a challenge for landlords and property managers - especially if the security systems are from different security providers.

We have extensive experience designing centrally managed security systems for housing authorities, property management companies, landlords, housing co-operatives, REITs, development companies and condominium corporations. Our security systems are remotely managed via easy-to-use central management software and high speed internet connections.

Instead of going to the property every time you need to change an access code or retrieve the footage from a security camera for the Police, you can login with apps for your PC, tablet or smartphone. This is a huge time saver!  We can manage the security of your properties for you when you subscribe to a Concierge Service Plan.

We design layered security solutions that will save you time and money. The amount of security layers we implement are based on your needs and budget.

  • Reduces Theft, Provides Accountability, Restricts Access
  • Burglar, Fire, Medical, Temperature, Flood
  • 24/7 ULC Monitoring service with POLICE and FIRE dispatch; Call List notification
  • 3G/4G ALARM.COM Cellular Signaling – no phone line required
  • Control with your PC / MAC / Android / iPhone / iPad
  • User Code Control and User Reports via apps
  • Instant Alerts via text and email

  • Reduces Theft, Restricts Access
  • Control Who Goes Where and When
  • Control Doors, Elevators, Gates
  • No More Keys to replace – delete users instantly
  • HINT: Charge tenants a $20 refundable deposit for access keytags/cards
  • Programmable schedules – weekday, weekend, holidays
  • Optional: Intercom - Telephone-based or I.P. based
  • Intercom Master Station at main entrance, NO tenant stations
  • HINT: Save $$$ by not running wires to every suite
  • Intercom Dials landline or cell phone, Door Release from phone
  • Access programming on your PC / Android / iPhone / iPad


  • Reduces Theft, Provides Accountability
  • 1080P to 12MP HD (4x to 39x better quality than standard definition)
  • HINT: Mount entrance cameras at 5 feet from the ground to Record Faces
  • Records 24/7; providing video evidence of activities for 10 to 60+ days
  • Access to cameras on your PC / MAC / Android / iPhone / iPad
  • HINT: Do NOT use wireless, use wired only

  • Reduces Theft, Reduces Liability, Provides Accountability, Fire Protection
  • Intervention while a crime is in progress – catch intruders in the act
  • Intervention while a fire is in progress – reduce losses
  • POLICE and FIRE dispatch; Call List notification
  • 25% to 50% Less expensive than security guards
  • Approved by Insurance Companies as an alternative to Night Watchman


  • In 2018 Fire Departments across Saskatchewan started enforcing the CAN/ULC-S561 national standard
  • Fire Inspectors or contracted Fire Protection System companies will be ask you for your CAN/ULC-S561 certificate
  • The majority of buildings will not meet this national standard and upgrades will be required to obtain a CAN/ULC-S561 certificate
  • Failure to present proper documentation will result in deficiencies and can delay occupancy until the deficiencies have been remedied
  • Fire systems must be monitored by 24/7 ULC Monitoring Stations
  • 2 paths of communication: Phone line + cellular communication
  • Security Company must attend site within 4 hours

If you would like more information on centrally managed security systems that can save you time and money - We Can Help!



Reed Security Headquarters

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Dennis Wieffering has been in the grocery business for 30 years.  Two years ago he became the Store Owner/Operator of Dennis' Your Independent Grocer - a full service local supermarket located at 315 Herold Road, Saskatoon, SK.   "When your name is on the front of the store there's a lot of pride and responsibility. I enjoy the personal feel with the customers and the creative freedom" says Dennis.

When Dennis took over the store he inherited an existing security camera system that was in need of an upgrade and some additions. "We take shoplifting seriously and we share security camera footage with managers, other stores and the Police. Upgrading was a precaution to reduce losses".

"I called another Your Independent Grocer store that recently installed video surveillance with Reed Security. Andrey was happy with the pricing, quality, and service and recommended me to Reed."

 "I like that Reed Security is right in Saskatoon and have a local office. I can pick up the phone or send a quick email when I need help. The installation technician, Cody, was spectacular!"

Our solution consisted of a REEDHD™ BUSINESS BUNDLE:

  • ReedHD™ Hi-Def Cameras (twice the quality of 1080p)
  • Pole mounted, indoor and outdoor cameras
  • 10 to 30 Days Recording of all events
  • Video Management Software - quickly find the footage you need and export it
  • SmartPhone and PC apps for local and remote administration
  • 100% Parts and Labour warranty
  • 100% Onsite Service warranty
  • 100% Remote Tech Support with login service
  • Archiving of incidents for the POLICE
  • Preventative Maintenance with regular visits to your site
  • One low monthly fee that covers it all

If you are having a Problem with Theft - We Can Help! Contact Us today for a Free Security Evaluation.

Reed Security Headquarters
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SuRe InnoVations
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Every year 30,000+ Security Geeks (oops...Gurus) attend the biggest security expo in North America. Check out this year's security innovations.

We connected with suppliers to negotiate the best pricing and brought the latest crime fighting technology back for our Clients and Dealers. Would you rather deal with the Dinosaurs that never change or the People that believe in Innovation?

The next generation DSC iotega is Secure, Simple and Scalable. The iotega is not designed to be mounted to a wall like a traditional security system. Instead this unit can sit on a counter or entertainment system rack or cabinet. It's designed to be keypad free and controlled with the ALARM.COM smartphone app (July 2018). You can arm/disarm from the built in keypad or add a wire free keypad.

We've been selling the award winning Qolsys IQ Panel 2 for the past 6 months and our clients love them! Comes with a beautiful 7" HD touchscreen, built in ALARM.COM radio and training videos. You won't find another security and automation system with more features.

COMING SOON. The IQ Panel 2 will have three different versions - all with Power G wireless that has an incredible range of 1.6 km. Choose from Power G + ITI 319.5, Power G + Honeywell/2GIG 345 or Power G + DSC 433. It's never been easier to upgrade to an IQ Panel 2 no matter what security system you currently have - we can use your existing wireless sensors.

Over 5 million people trust ALARM.COM installation partners such as Reed Security to protect their homes and businesses. From one single smartphone app you can control your smart security system, smart lights, smart locks, smart garage doors, smart thermostat, HD cameras, wi-fi doorbell camera and more...

Lower cost and easier to use access control is here. After a year of testing with installation partners ALARM.COM is making a big push into commercial access control. No expensive PC/Server costs or up front software costs. Instead clients will subscribe to a monthly plan and use the ALARM.COM Windows and iOS smartphone apps to add/delete users, create locking schedules and review user history. It's easy to integrate with alarm systems and ALARM.COM cameras. This is a game changer!

COMING SOON TO CANADA. Self monitoring of People and Vehicle Detection analytics. Video is stored locally and to the Avigilon Blue Cloud. Receive instant video alerts to your smartphone when you have an unwanted intruder. A monthly subscription is required.

Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology that brings a new level of automation to surveillance, by revealing events that may have otherwise been missed.

Without any predefined rules or setup, Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection technology is able to continuously learn what typical activity in a scene looks like, and then detect and flag unusual motion.

Hikvision’s DeepInMind Series NVR is the first embedded NVR based on a deep learning algorithm executed by its GPU, making it faster and more accurate than conventional CPUs. This NVR effectively filters out alarms triggered by animals and inanimate objects, with greater than 90% accuracy.

Hikvision is the largest video surveillance company in the world and has over 25,000 employees. We toured their 2 million square foot factory in China last year and met with Jeffrey He - the President of Hikvision North America at the show. (He's a pretty big deal in the security world.)

To see all the 2018 Security Innovations please visit our FaceBook Page.


In April 2017, the federal government introduced legislation to legalize and regulate recreational cannabis in Canada. If passed, the proposed federal Cannabis Act would create rules for producing, possessing and selling cannabis across Canada.

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) will issue approximately 60 cannabis retail permits to private operators in as many as 40 Saskatchewan municipalities and First Nation communities.

Both wholesaling and retailing of cannabis will be conducted by the private sector and regulated by SLGA. Cannabis retailers will be required to establish a standalone storefront operation, with the option to also operate an online store.  Stores will be limited to selling cannabis, cannabis accessories and ancillary items.  Stores must also have the ability to track and report cannabis inventory to help ensure consumers only have access to safe, legal product from regulated wholesalers.

If you would like to open a licensed Cannabis Retail Store in Saskatchewan you will require the following security requirements:


12.!Appendix C - Security Requirements


A Cannabis Retail Store Permit will not be issued to an applicant who has not met the physical security requirements for the premises. Any separate storage facility must meet the same requirements.

1)          Alarm System

A cannabis retail store must be protected by a professionally installed and monitored alarm system that contains at a minimum:

a)           detectors to indicate unauthorized attempts to tamper with, open, enter or penetrate perimeter entry points, perimeter windows and secure cannabis storage room;

b)           detectors to indicate unauthorized movement within the premises including the secure cannabis storage room;

c)            capability to detect any attempts to tamper with the system or malfunctions with the system which must be immediately repaired by a professional technician;

d)           panic/robbery button(s) installed at all point of sale positions; and

e)           a plan identifying system compliance must be submitted to SLGA for approval along with any changes to an approved plan or system.


2)          Digital Camera Security System

A cannabis retail store must have a digital camera security system that contains, at a minimum:

a)           cameras that are enclosed in the ceiling or domes and linked to a monitor and recording system located in a secure area within the premises;

b)           cameras and lighting must be positioned to clearly capture 24 hour coverage of activity identifying all individuals entering/exiting the premises, including staff areas, and all individuals within the premises including the:

i.             point of sale area(s);

ii.            receiving area(s);

iii.           customer area(s); and

iv.           the secure cannabis storage room.

c)            system must have on premises 60 calendar day minimum recording retention in a common format that is easily accessible, captured, viewed and capable of producing real time digital colour video and still images that clearly identify individuals and contain a time/date stamp not obscuring the image;

d)           recording and viewing system must be located in a secure location within the premises along with a maintained surveillance plan showing camera numbers, locations, coverage, authorized users list and operating instructions.

e)           if the permittee has knowledge, or should have had knowledge, of any pending criminal or regulatory investigation, recorded data and relevant information must not be destroyed after the 60 calendar day minimum recording retention period and must be provided to SLGA and police upon request.

f)            a plan identifying system compliance must be submitted to SLGA for approval along with any changes to an approved plan or system.

g)            the system must be tested weekly to ensure all cameras and recording equipment are functioning properly and a log of the test results must be kept and available to SLGA upon request.

h)           all malfunctions must be immediately repaired.


3)          Perimeter Security

A cannabis retail store must secure perimeter entry points against unauthorized access by, at a minimum:

a)           the use of 1.5mm (16 gauge) hollow metal doors with 1.9mm (14 gauge) metal frame and tamper-proof hinges at all entry points other than the customer entrance.

b)           commercial grade non-residential locks on all access points with secured tamper-proof strike plate and locking device must penetrate the door frame at minimum 1.25cm. 

c)            a customer entrance constructed of commercial grade material sufficient to secure against unauthorized access.

d)           an overhead receiving door constructed of commercial grade material and locking device (if required).

e)           sufficient to secure against unauthorized access.

f)            perimeter locking devices not on a master key system.


4)          Cannabis Displays, at a minimum, must ensure:

a)           All cannabis displayed in a customer area must be within a showcase that is accessible only by authorized staff.

b)           All cannabis on display must be in its original sealed package or an approved container.

c)            All cannabis not displayed in a customer area, and after operating hours all cannabis, must be stored in a locked secure cannabis storage area accessible only by authorized staff.


5)          Cannabis Storage

The cannabis retail store must secure the cannabis in either:

a)           a safe where the safe is a solid metal receptacle capable of lo cking and that weighs either 341 kilograms or that is anchored to the permanent structure of the building. For any items requiring refrigeration, a locking refrigeration unit that weighs 341 kilograms or more orthat isanchored to the permanent structure of the building is considered a safe.

b)           A storage room that meets the following, at a minimum:

i.             constructed of Flattened Metal Mesh, EMMA 557-99 style ¾-9F,nominal strand thickness of 0.120" (0.108" to 0.132"} diamond opening of 0.563" x 1.688" or Sheet steel 16ga, Al008/A1008M (cold rolled) or A1011/A1011M (hot rolled) or equivalent.

ii.            mount steel or steel mesh on the outside (attack side) of the room, including the ceiling, in the following manner:

•             support all edges by anti-spread bracing, studs or corners;

•             align sheet edges at every vertical and horizontal seam on centre-line of steel stud or anti-spread bracing; and

•             secure all sheets with screws, welds or rivets.

iii.           16gauge (1.6mm) steel sheets, HR Commercial quality, ASTM A366, matte finish, shall extend 1200mm around doorframe on inside of room and attached to the doorframe with screws, welds or rivets.

iv.           minimum 1.5mm (16 gauge) hollow metal door not exceeding 36 inches width with 1.9mm (14 gauge) metal frame.

v.            commercial grade door lock with locking device that penetrates doorframe at least 1.25cm and tamper­ proof hinges.

vi.           16mm gypsum wallboards on both sides of the wall (interior optional) attached with drywall screws.

Although not part of the SLGA security requirements we highly recommend installing FlashFog as an added security measure. Burglars Can't Steal What They Can't See.

We have Smart Bundles specifically designed to meet SLGA Security specifications. If you would like more information please Contact Us for a 

Reed Security Headquarters
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