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Reed Security was established in March of 2000 with a vision – we want to be the #1 security provider in Saskatchewan! Over two decades later we are known for our great local service and protect 1000’s of homes and businesses across the prairies. To serve you better we have locations in Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Calgary and Edmonton. 

In our latest article, we share the details of a security pilot project by the Downtown Saskatoon Business Improvement District.



We help businesses and organizations re-gain control, reduce theft, monitor their properties, protect staff and grow their bottom lines. From small businesses to large enterprises our professional-grade Smart Business security solutions from Reed Security provide tools you can rely on.

In our latest project spotlight, we share some interesting information on a pilot project for the DTNYXE Bid in Saskatoon, and how security cameras and Video Surveillance Keeps Security Front and Center in smart cities across the globe! 

“Urban populations are expanding rapidly around the globe, with an expected growth of 1.56 billion by 2040. As the number of people living and working in cities continues to grow, the ability to keep everyone safe is an increasing challenge However, technology companies are developing products and solutions with these futuristic cities in mind, as the reality is closer than you may think. Solutions that can help to watch over public places and share data insights with city workers and officials are increasingly enabling smart cities to improve the experience and safety of the people who reside there. “ - Rishi Lodhia- Managing Director, EMEA,

We all want our public places to be safe, whether you are in shopping malls or walking around towns and cities downtown. From dangerous drivers to petty crime on the streets to high profile bank robberies, surveillance cameras can go some way to recording events, helping the police or other emergency services to respond quickly to, and in some cases even prevent serious incidents.


Reed Security is excited to announce that we are the Saskatoon security company selected by the Downtown Saskatoon Business Improvement District to provide services for the pilot security surveillance project in Downtown Saskatoon. We installed high-definition surveillance cameras at several key locations in Saskatoon’s City Centre, in an effort to make our cities downtown feel safer for all citizens.

We installed REEDHD™ security cameras with ColorVu technology. The cameras use an ultra-low light sensor and a built-in spotlight to see in color 24/7. The client can check on cameras anytime, anywhere using our desktop and smartphone apps.

 “It was easy to increase the safety and protection of our community. The cooperation we received from DTNYXE and participating businesses was outstanding.”
Virgil Reed, CEO, Reed Security
"Reed Security was great to work with, the project was delivered on time and on budget and we are pleased with the overall result. They were sensitive to the needs of property owners to ensure the installation was sensitive to building facades."
Brent Penner, Executive Director, DTNYXE





Case studies have proven that having a video surveillance system can deter a significant amount of crime. The University of North Carolina found that half of all the surveyed burglars would flee the area after discovering cameras. Additionally, 60% of burglars said they wouldn’t rob an establishment if they had prior knowledge of the video surveillance system.



Hayward, California*

After investing in improving its downtown area, city officials in Hayward, California, realized that the area around city hall needed further security measures to stop the drug dealing, prostitution, theft and violent crimes going on there. Purchasing solar-powered, deployable video surveillance units saved the city a significant amount of money since power lines would have had to have been trenched in. Even better, the drug dealing came to a rapid halt thanks to camera identification and other crime went down an estimated 60 percent as well.

Mankato, Minnesota*

The city of Mankato, Minnesota, has complied with its new public safety and property protection initiatives and helped reduce the number of public safety crimes, as well as vandalism incidents. A recent nationally-publicized altercation that took place outside a bar was captured on the city’s surveillance cameras, giving law enforcement evidence that aided in the judicial process.



You could say that the common factor between every smart city project in the world is in their ultimate goal: to improve quality of life, or livability, for their citizens, and Saskatoon is no different. 

Atlanta, Georgia

In addition to city departments, the networks of local private businesses can also be integrated. This results in a public-private partnership that ensures the highest level of protection for a city and its citizens. There are already some very successful use cases proving the importance of collaboration between the public and private sector, for example, the initiative “Operation Shield” ran in the City of Atlanta.


“Operation Shield is a two-way street. The police department gets eyes in a particular area they might not have had before, and at the same time, it gives businesses peace of mind that APD can see what’s going on and respond faster should the need arise.” - Thomas Sutton, Senior Police Officer of the Atlanta, Georgia Police Department


#1- Cameras per person 

Based on the number of cameras per 1,000 people, these cities are the top 10 most surveilled in the world: 

1. Taiyuan, China – 465,255 cameras for 3,975,985 people = 117.02 cameras per 1,000 people 
2. Wuxi, China – 300,000 cameras for 3,315,113 people = 90.49 cameras per 1,000 people 
3. London, England (UK) – 691,000 cameras for 9,425,622 people = 73.31 cameras per 1,000 people 
4. Indore, India – 200,600 cameras per 3,113,445 people = 64.43 cameras per 1,000 people 
5. Changsha, China – 262,000 cameras for 4,694,722 people = 55.81 cameras per 1,000 people 
6. Beijing, China – 1,150,000 cameras for 20,896,820 people = 55.03 cameras per 1,000 people 
7. Hangzhou, China – 400,000 cameras for 7,845,501 people = 50.98 cameras per 1,000 people 
8. Qingdao, China – 262,000 cameras for 5,742,486 people = 45.62 cameras per 1,000 people 
9. Kunming, China – 200,000 cameras for 4,550,831 people = 43.95 cameras per 1,000 people 
10. Xiamen, China – 150,000 cameras for 3,790,792 people = 39.57 cameras per 1,000 people

#2- Cameras per square mile 

Based on the number of cameras per square mile, these cities are the top 20 most surveilled in the world:

Depending on whom you ask, the increased prevalence and capabilities of CCTV surveillance could make society safer and more efficient, could trample on our rights to privacy and freedom of movement, or both. No matter which side you argue, the fact is that live video surveillance is ramping up worldwide. 



Reed Security is a Multi AWARD WINNING company and we are your TRUSTED SASKATOON ALARM & SECURITY EXPERTS


Two years ago, Oyvind Sparboe and Myron Jacobsen brought Reed Security to Prince Albert.
“We were long term employees at another security company and we saw first hand there was a lot of room for improvement.,” said Sparboe. “We looked at several partnership options and after careful screening, Reed Security and their $5 a month promo was clearly the best choice.”
You can feel at ease knowing your home, cabin or business is secure when you choose Reed Security as your security provider.  Solutions include Alarm Systems with 24-7 Monitoring, ReedHD™ Hi-Def Cameras you can view from your smartphone and Access Control swipe-card systems which control who goes where and when.
The one thing separating Reed Security from the rest is the commitment to providing Excellent Customer Service. Reed Security cares about building long-term relationships with their clients, going above and beyond before and after the sale. Some companies may take weeks to provide service, while Reed Security’s goal is by the next business day.
Jacobsen and Sparboe know one of the biggest benefits to having a monitored home security system, is it provides constant monitoring when you are unable to do so yourself. If you need to leave town for business or a vacation, they recommend putting your trust in Reed Security. Reed Security offers full monitoring and is a ULC listed company, which indicates a high standard of monitoring and installation. You can feel assured there will be a response to an emergency situation. Additionally, when you are away from your home or business you can use remote monitoring services. For example, ALARM.COM interactive services use 3G cell towers to connect your security system directly to your smartphone, tablet, or PC. No phone line is required.

“Today, your security system can provide you with a variety of notifications,” said Jacobsen.  “There are a lot of latch-key kids out there so now when the kids come home from school at four o’clock, or whenever, you can get a notification on your phone that lets you know the kids are home.”
Jacobsen and Sparboe want to inform potential customers that an alarm system can also provide additional protection to a variety of other factors including fire and carbon dioxide detection while preventing intruders and protecting valuables.
“A security system is not just used for security anymore,” said Jacobsen. “A lot of people think, ‘Oh, I will never get broken into.’ Well, you could still have a flood in your home, you could have a fire in your home or your furnace could quit.
“Today you can add to your security system a variety of sensors such as environmental sensors, low temp sensors, water sensors, smoke sensors and carbon dioxide sensors.”
An Anniversary Gift to You!
In celebration of Reed Security’s 15th Anniversary in Saskatoon and Second Anniversary in Prince Albert we would like to offer all new clients the following alarm promo: 

  • $99 activation (reg. $299) for all Switch Overs
  • $299 activation (reg. $599) for all New Installations
  • $5 a Month 24/7 Monitoring for the first year (after that it’s only $19.95)
  • Free low temperature sensor
  • Free ALARM.COM Interactive Services – for the first month
  • Professional Installation with Full System Test
  • Up to 25% Off Home Insurance – consult your broker
  • Expires November 30th, 2015

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Problems with THEFT? We can help.

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All About Theft

  • 66% of break-in's are forced entry and forced entry attempts
  • 34% of break-in's are unlawful entry (without force)
  • In 2014, Saskatchewan had 8506 break-in's (164/week)
  • Break-in's occur in all areas of the City - not just the "bad areas"
  • Most Home break-in's occur when you are at work or travelling (daytime)
  • Most Business break-in's occur when you are at home (evening and weekends)
  • Cabin's and Lake properties are especially attractive
  • 98% of break-in's occur though main floor doors and windows (often unlocked)
  • Thieves target the Master Bedroom
  • Thieves steal:
    • Cash and Credit Cards
    • Jewelry
    • Designer clothes and sunglasses
    • Electronics such as TV's, Stereos, Computers, Video Game systems, Smartphones and Tablets
    • Tools
    • Sporting Goods
    • Cars and Trucks or the contents in them
    • Building Materials
    • Alcohol and Prescription drugs
    • Your Identity

How to Prevent Theft

  • Use Common Sense
    • If you lose a key, get the locks changed.
    • Ask all strangers for identification.
    • Never hide an extra key outdoor - especially underneath a mat or on top of a light fixture. This is the first place the bad guys look. Leave an extra house key with a friend or a neighbor.
    • DO NOT advertise on Facebook or other social media that you are on vacation. If you want to post photos, then do it when you get home.
    • For insurance purposes take photos of the contents of your home.
    • Keep all receipts in a safe and easy to find location.
    • Write down the model and serial number of all electronics.
  • Make it Difficult
    • Door chains are easy to bypass. Install deadbolts.
    • Install a stopper or stick on all sliding doors and windows.
    • Install window bars on all basement windows.
    • Make sure all doors and windows are properly locked.
    • Keep your premises well lit at night.
    • Install timers that turn lights on at different times. This gives the appearance that someone is home.
  • Install a monitored Home Security system
    • 400% less likely to have a break-in.
    • up to 25% insurance discount.
    • optional ALARM.COM with automatic lights.
  • In case you do have a break-in:
    • If it looks like a door or window was forced open, DO NOT go inside. The Burglar may still be on site.
    • Call the Police from your cellular phone or from a neighbor's house and wait.

Source: Department of Justice, Statistics Canada, Saskatoon Police Service, FBI, Insurance Institute of Canada, 18 Years Experience

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15 years ago we opened our doors for business at the Homestyles 2000 Show.

We didn't have any clients at the time however we had lot's of ideas, enthusiasm, and a passion for helping people.

Today more than 4000+ clients trust Reed Security to provide Peace of Mind. Thank You!

Stop by for a visit and help us celebrate Reed Security's 15th Birthday.

Reed Security
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If you can't make it, please use this coupon to take advantage of our 15th Birthday Deals on Home and Business security systems. 

Don't forget - All promos expire March 31st, 2015.



Some Facts about the year 2000:

  • Roy Ramanow was the Premier of Saskatchewan
  • The population of Saskatchewan was around 970,000 (today its 1.15 million)
  • Jean Chretien was the Prime Minister of Canada
  • The Saskatchewan Roughriders finished last with a 5-12-1 record
  • The New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup
  • Billboard's top song was Breath by Faith Hill
  • American Beauty won an Oscar for Best Picture and Kevin Spacey won Best Actor
  • Y2K computer bug came and went with only some minor glitches 






Holiday Security Tips

Social Media is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but don't forget it's very public. Thieves also like reading about your vacation plans and can often track down your address.

AVOID POSTING: "packing for the trip", "just got to lake", or "just landed", etc. or photos of your new big screen TV and PS4

Break'in's rarely occur when you are at home - so in addition to arming your Reed Security alarm system you will want to make it look like you are still there.

  • Cancel the newspaper
  • Have someone shovel your driveway
  • Have someone pick up your mail
  • Park an unused vehicle in the driveway
  • Install exterior motion lights (and make sure you test them)
  • Install timers for interior lights
  • Consider  ALARM.COM  Interactive Services. Control your lights, locks, blinds, temperature, and video cameras remotely

For even more helpful tips visit

Did You Know
 A monitored Reed Security alarm system with 24/7 Rapid Response Monitoring will decrease the odds of having a break-in by nearly400%.

HOLIDAY BONUS: Save Up to $729 with our $5 a Month 24/7 Monitoring Promo  

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