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Kings County Brewers Collective co-founder Zack Kinney uses to run a smarter business. Learn how Zack reduces theft, gains new awareness, gets instant visibility into key operational activities and manages his energy costs with one single app.

HD Security Cameras are a theft deterrent and provide full accountability. Zack uses an SVR (Stream Video Recorder) to record HD video 24/7. Video clips are also stored on the cloud. 

Zack can access HD Security Cameras with the app. It's easy to see what's happening when he can't be there. The app works with just about any smartphone, tablet, or computer and is *Free when you subscribe to an plan.

Zack controls Who goes Where and When with smarter access control. He controls the main door that customers enter and the door to the production area with a key-less entry system. "No more keys is going to make our lives easier".

Zack connects to his his smarter access control system with the app. It's easy to program schedules and add/delete employees. He knows exactly what time employees arrive to work and limits after hours access. He also restricts customer access to the production area.  

Zack manages his energy costs with an smart thermostat. "We want our electrical bills and our gas bills to cost as little as possible".

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Property that has two or more tenants is considered a 
multi-tenant property. This could be retail, industrial, office, condominium or an apartment building. Managing the security systems of multi-tenant properties can be a challenge for landlords and property managers - especially if the security systems are from different security providers.

We have extensive experience designing centrally managed security systems for housing authorities, property management companies, landlords, housing co-operatives, REITs, development companies and condominium corporations. Our security systems are remotely managed via easy-to-use central management software and high speed internet connections.

Instead of going to the property every time you need to change an access code or retrieve the footage from a security camera for the Police, you can login with apps for your PC, tablet or smartphone. This is a huge time saver!  We can manage the security of your properties for you when you subscribe to a Concierge Service Plan.

We design layered security solutions that will save you time and money. The amount of security layers we implement are based on your needs and budget.

  • Reduces Theft, Provides Accountability, Restricts Access
  • Burglar, Fire, Medical, Temperature, Flood
  • 24/7 ULC Monitoring service with POLICE and FIRE dispatch; Call List notification
  • 3G/4G ALARM.COM Cellular Signaling – no phone line required
  • Control with your PC / MAC / Android / iPhone / iPad
  • User Code Control and User Reports via apps
  • Instant Alerts via text and email

  • Reduces Theft, Restricts Access
  • Control Who Goes Where and When
  • Control Doors, Elevators, Gates
  • No More Keys to replace – delete users instantly
  • HINT: Charge tenants a $20 refundable deposit for access keytags/cards
  • Programmable schedules – weekday, weekend, holidays
  • Optional: Intercom - Telephone-based or I.P. based
  • Intercom Master Station at main entrance, NO tenant stations
  • HINT: Save $$$ by not running wires to every suite
  • Intercom Dials landline or cell phone, Door Release from phone
  • Access programming on your PC / Android / iPhone / iPad


  • Reduces Theft, Provides Accountability
  • 1080P to 12MP HD (4x to 39x better quality than standard definition)
  • HINT: Mount entrance cameras at 5 feet from the ground to Record Faces
  • Records 24/7; providing video evidence of activities for 10 to 60+ days
  • Access to cameras on your PC / MAC / Android / iPhone / iPad
  • HINT: Do NOT use wireless, use wired only

  • Reduces Theft, Reduces Liability, Provides Accountability, Fire Protection
  • Intervention while a crime is in progress – catch intruders in the act
  • Intervention while a fire is in progress – reduce losses
  • POLICE and FIRE dispatch; Call List notification
  • 25% to 50% Less expensive than security guards
  • Approved by Insurance Companies as an alternative to Night Watchman


  • In 2018 Fire Departments across Saskatchewan started enforcing the CAN/ULC-S561 national standard
  • Fire Inspectors or contracted Fire Protection System companies will be ask you for your CAN/ULC-S561 certificate
  • The majority of buildings will not meet this national standard and upgrades will be required to obtain a CAN/ULC-S561 certificate
  • Failure to present proper documentation will result in deficiencies and can delay occupancy until the deficiencies have been remedied
  • Fire systems must be monitored by 24/7 ULC Monitoring Stations
  • 2 paths of communication: Phone line + cellular communication
  • Security Company must attend site within 4 hours

If you would like more information on centrally managed security systems that can save you time and money - We Can Help!



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Every year 30,000+ Security Geeks (oops...Gurus) attend the biggest security expo in North America. Check out this year's security innovations.

We connected with suppliers to negotiate the best pricing and brought the latest crime fighting technology back for our Clients and Dealers. Would you rather deal with the Dinosaurs that never change or the People that believe in Innovation?

The next generation DSC iotega is Secure, Simple and Scalable. The iotega is not designed to be mounted to a wall like a traditional security system. Instead this unit can sit on a counter or entertainment system rack or cabinet. It's designed to be keypad free and controlled with the ALARM.COM smartphone app (July 2018). You can arm/disarm from the built in keypad or add a wire free keypad.

We've been selling the award winning Qolsys IQ Panel 2 for the past 6 months and our clients love them! Comes with a beautiful 7" HD touchscreen, built in ALARM.COM radio and training videos. You won't find another security and automation system with more features.

COMING SOON. The IQ Panel 2 will have three different versions - all with Power G wireless that has an incredible range of 1.6 km. Choose from Power G + ITI 319.5, Power G + Honeywell/2GIG 345 or Power G + DSC 433. It's never been easier to upgrade to an IQ Panel 2 no matter what security system you currently have - we can use your existing wireless sensors.

Over 5 million people trust ALARM.COM installation partners such as Reed Security to protect their homes and businesses. From one single smartphone app you can control your smart security system, smart lights, smart locks, smart garage doors, smart thermostat, HD cameras, wi-fi doorbell camera and more...

Lower cost and easier to use access control is here. After a year of testing with installation partners ALARM.COM is making a big push into commercial access control. No expensive PC/Server costs or up front software costs. Instead clients will subscribe to a monthly plan and use the ALARM.COM Windows and iOS smartphone apps to add/delete users, create locking schedules and review user history. It's easy to integrate with alarm systems and ALARM.COM cameras. This is a game changer!

COMING SOON TO CANADA. Self monitoring of People and Vehicle Detection analytics. Video is stored locally and to the Avigilon Blue Cloud. Receive instant video alerts to your smartphone when you have an unwanted intruder. A monthly subscription is required.

Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology that brings a new level of automation to surveillance, by revealing events that may have otherwise been missed.

Without any predefined rules or setup, Avigilon Unusual Motion Detection technology is able to continuously learn what typical activity in a scene looks like, and then detect and flag unusual motion.

Hikvision’s DeepInMind Series NVR is the first embedded NVR based on a deep learning algorithm executed by its GPU, making it faster and more accurate than conventional CPUs. This NVR effectively filters out alarms triggered by animals and inanimate objects, with greater than 90% accuracy.

Hikvision is the largest video surveillance company in the world and has over 25,000 employees. We toured their 2 million square foot factory in China last year and met with Jeffrey He - the President of Hikvision North America at the show. (He's a pretty big deal in the security world.)

To see all the 2018 Security Innovations please visit our FaceBook Page.


Learn How 2 Leading Mining Supply Companies Protect Their People and Assets

NEW LOCATION: 202 Gladstone Avenue, Saskatoon, SK

When Continental Mine & Industrial Supply Ltd. and Howatt Consulting Ltd. opened their new 27,000 square foot building they partnered with Reed Security.

"Derek, the Reed Security Consultant, was Efficient and Cost Conscious. Cody, the Reed Security Technician, was Great. Excellent Work!"
Dwayne Howatt, Partner, CMI

Established in 1990, Continental Mine & Industrial Supply Ltd. is in it's 26th year of business and has extensive experience in the Saskatchewan Potash and Construction Industry. CMI collaborates to define and provide innovative solutions for their customer’s - this includes OEM mining equipment and conveyor systems and distribution of tailored underground mobile equipment.
Howatt Consulting Ltd is a full service engineering company who's mission is to provide high quality services tailored to the needs of the Saskatchewan Mining Industry. They partner with their clients to ensure innovative, cost effective solutions are developed to meet the operational and maintenance requirements of their facilities. They provide high quality engineering, project management services to ensure all projects are delivered on time, on budget and exceed their client’s expectations.

Before the project we met with Dwayne and Rory and listened carefully to their needs before providing a Free Security Evaluation. We designed a security solution consisting of:

  1. Alarm System to protect the perimeter and interior
  2. 24/7 Monitoring with Police and Fire Department Response
  3. ReedHD™ Hi-Def Cameras that record Faces and License Plates
  4. ReedHD™ Video Management System - find incidents in minutes
  5. Access Control Keyless Entry - Control Who Goes Where and When
  6. Professional Installation by Certified, Licensed, Bonded and Safety-trained technicians
Our solutions Decrease Losses and Increase Profits 

FREE QUOTES in Prince 306.922.7200
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When Kavia Auto Body opened their new state-of-the-art auto body facility they partnered with Reed Security.

"We wanted our customers to feel protected and looked after. Reed Security also provides peace-of mind for our staff".
Raj Kavia, Owner, Kavia Auto Body


Kavia Auto Body helps customers entirely through the collision repair process and is proud to be serving people all over Saskatchewan for 30+ years. They gained a reputation for excellence and quality in both imported and domestic vehicles and they're approved and recommended by several top dealers in Saskatoon. Their staff consists of highly trained professionals who have credentials and the background to be considered leaders in the auto body technician industry. After touring their building, it's clear Raj really looks after his People.

Before the project we met with Raj and listened carefully to his needs before providing a Free Security Evaluation. At the end of the project we connected with Raj again and these are his comments:

  1. I partnered with Reed Security because you're Innovative.
  2. You have a Proven Track Record. You will be here to look after us long term.
  3. Our customers feel protected and looked after.
  4. Our staff has Peace-of-Mind.
  5. The install was clean, on time, and on budget.
  6. The AlarmHi-Def Cameras, and Access Control systems provide more control.

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