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"How Realtors Can Use Security
Technology to Keep Safe"

1. Communicate the 3 W’s
-Who are you seeing?
-Where are you going?
-When will you be returning?

2. Stay in the Back
-Avoid walking in the front so you can avoid be hit in the head.

3. Be on Guard for requests for a 2nd trip without a spouse
-This should be a Red Flag.

4. Follow Your Instincts about People.
-You're usually right.

5. Know Where all the Exits Are so you can Escape.

6. Ladies – Don’t use glamour shots for your business cards or advertising.
-When criminals were convicted Police have found the ad of the victim circled.

7. Ask for a driver’s license or ID and take a picture of it.
-Make it an office procedure.

8. Awareness is Key to Prevention! Use the camera on your phone to Take a picture of the person you are meeting’s vehicle including the license plate.
-Make it an office procedure.

9. Use the Camera on Your Phone as a Hidden Camera with Recording.
-Check out this
Spy Cam App

10. Use a Nanny Cam at Open Houses
-Record all visitors that enter the main door
-Advertise you are using video surveillance to create awareness
-You can purchase signs from Reed Security ($10/ea for 11” x 11”)
-You can even wear hidden cameras
-Check out these
Hidden Cameras with Recording

11. Keep Your Phone Nearby and make sure it’s charged

12. Have a Distress Code and make sure you practice using it
eg: I need the Red File for 123 Street. This will let your contacts know you need help and where you are.

13. Even Better – Use Guardly Personal Safety Service App.
-One touch on your phone calls 911 and lets your contacts know you need help.
-Displays exact location using online Map function.
-Only a few dollars a month.
-Check out the
Guardly App out now.

14. Limit Personal Info. about yourself.

15. Ask A Lot of Questions

16. Take a basic self defense course
–You can go at lunch time or through your Community Association

17. Caution about alarm system keypad panic buttons – they may not work!
-Alarm systems require active phone lines that may not be hooked up.


If you would like more information on any Reed Security Product or Service please call 306.653.3200 or visit

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